Plastic Pumpkin Ideas – DIY Music Sheet Planter

Plastic Pumpkin Ideas - turn an ugly plastic pumpkin pail into a fun planter - step by step directions

Hoarding comes in handy sometimes.

I know you understand (unlike my Hubs)!

As I was rummaging through my Halloween bins in search of fall decorations, in the dark hole that is my basement,

I came upon a huge garbage bag filled with cheap plastic pumpkins that I bought for a Halloween party game years ago.

Cheap plastic pumpkins = halloween ugliness.

How to rectify that?

DIY Halloween music sheet planter from a plastic pumpkin!  Perfect fall decorations at

Ahhhh, much better.

Now I’m in my happy place once again with these plastic pumpkin ideas.

DIY Halloween music sheet planter from a plastic pumpkin!

*Plastic pumpkin
*Mod podge
*Paint brush
*Music sheets (or dictionary/book pages)
*Clear spray paint sealer

The How To:
*Cut music sheets into strips (cut the shorter side which is the perfect fit for the pumpkins)
*Apply thin layer of mod podge to paper strips and stick on pumpkin – letting the overlap fold into the top of pumpkin
*Let dry then apply 1 coat of mod podge or 2 coats of clear sealer if you plan to put them outside

DIY Halloween music sheet planter from a plastic pumpkin!  Perfect fall decorations at

Now my other ugly pumpkins expect a makeover.

DIY Halloween music sheet planter from a plastic pumpkin!  Perfect fall decorations at

Made over pumpkins can be such divas – there’ll be no living with their huge egos now.
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  1. Kelly,

    You have to be careful with those diva pumpkins, I had one who got so out of hand once he took over the guest room as his own personal “suite”! If you keep making them look so good, they will start to take advantage of you. . .lol!

    Seriously, good job putting the old pumpkins to use.

  2. two things i love about fall: mums and cheap plastic pumpkins! i have a few pumpkins that never got retired after halloween last year, they’ve just been hanging around the play room looking completely out of place! now i think i should find some scrapbook paper or gift wrap and give them a makeover! thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  3. Kelly ….fantastic..I saw these at Fred’s and my mind was blowing up with ideas,this has really inspired me…now I’ve got to get back to Fred’s and get those inexpensive little babies.and get to modpodge’n….come see me I cut out some jack-o-lantern faces out of old orange placemats…cost…0…

  4. At this time of year every garage sale has at least one of these pumpkins. Usually they can be had for a quarter. Now that I want some, they will be a buck if I ever see them again.


  5. Very creative re-use for an orange plastic pumpkin 🙂 You could use all sorts of interesting kinds of paper to dress up one of these babies – pages from an old book would be cool. Maybe The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 🙂 I wonder if putting a few of those LED tea lights inside would create a glow through the paper… assuming the pumpkin isn’t filled with flowers, of course!

  6. So cute ! I love it!! Now I know what to do with my son’s pumpkin head buckets!! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m your newest follower!! Cheers ~Deanna

  7. Oh MAN! I just got rid of two plastic pumpkins just like yours! And with outdoor Mod Podge this would totally stand up to the Oregon weather. Good thing these pumpkins are so cheap at the thrift store, cuz I see a cute project in my immediate future. Thanks for the idea!

  8. I made one of these for my front porch……super easy project. My husband especially liked it as I used the sheets from his favorite piece………Blue Danube!

  9. What a blog!! 1st time checking it out!!! Now I have tons of ideas for Xmas gifts- I usually just make Jams, Jellies, & Marmalades-there are so many different ideas to go with. Tons of ideas- I am not worried anymore of what to make. Thanks so much ^j^

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