7 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Welcome pumpkin spice lattes, leather boots and crunching leaves underfoot – I’ve been waiting for you! I’m sharing 7 fall home decorating tips to easily transition your house from summer to fall. These affordable ideas will get you to think outside what people typically consider fall decor and inspire your creativity!

7 Fall Home Decorating Tips - such great affordable ideas to get ready for fall! kellyelko.com

There’s something about a change in seasons that makes me want to nest even more and I’m sharing my fall home decorating tips for a stress free transition from summer into fall.

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Vintage fall tour - love the way she displays her finds and that fabulous cane sofa kellyelko.com


If you’re like me, you have bins filled with tons of seasonal stuff that you NEVER use! Why do I have such an emotional attachment to plastic snakes and fake pumpkins?

This year, instead of letting these useless tchotchkes clutter up my basement (and my life), I’m kicking them to the curb. I’ll sell, donate or trash most of it. Make sure to read these Tips to Make Money on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups if you have things to purge.

Didn’t that feel good? Bonus – now you can actually see, remember and use what you decide to keep!

Or try repurposing what you already have …

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Don’t feel the need to cover every visible surface with pumpkins and corn stalks. Instead, pick one or two key areas in your home and focus on those.

Go crazy on a mantel or dining room table. For the rest of the house, simply scatter a few mini pumpkins, bowl of nuts, or a branch of fall leaves.

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Love this farmhouse fall mantel with giant pumpkin chalkboard art and neutral pumpkins kellyelko.com


Think beyond what is considered typical fall decor.

Use your everyday items in a new way. Stack books or plates and add a mini pumpkin on top. Fill an old colander or bowl with apples. Use jars and cloches to display favorite collections.

You know I’m a big believer in using vintage finds in my home. They are the best way to make sure your house is one of a kind!

Love this vintage 1970's plate display on a mug rack kellyelko.com


Snip branches, gather pinecones and acorns (remember this Acorn Vase I made years ago), cut sedum or hydrangeas and bring them inside. All my kitchen counter needs is a huge arrangement of dried hydrangeas for a simple fall look.

Beautiful arrangement of dried hydrangeas in a fall kitchen kellyelko.com


Pillows and throws are my favorite way to add seasonal flair. I love draping throws on the sofa for color and texture then piling more throws (one for everyone in the family) in a woven basket for binge watching our favorite shows.


It’s always fun to add something new every year and I love searching for the perfect pillow, dishtowel, candle or wreath.

When I say new, I also mean new to you so hit the thrift stores and flea markets and add some vintage touches to your fall home.

Or get crafty and create something fun like the giant dried hydrangea wreath hung over my mantel.

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Love this vintage Charles Chips canister as a planter for fall flowers kellyelko.com


Use colors that make you happy and don’t feel obligated to incorporate “typical” fall colors like orange or rust. If you love pink, then pink has a place in your fall decor!

Don’t forget to light a pumpkin scented candle, wrap yourself in that cozy throw and enjoy a pumpkin latte because before you know it, it will be time to decorate for Christmas!

Love this vintage painting gallery wall on picture ledges

P.S. I actually hate pumpkin spice anything. How about you?

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  1. You always decorate so cute and even though not as much still wonderful. Those girls are growing so fast, i guess its good you have Sushi.

  2. We’re under a heat warning so, I can tell you I am ready for Fall. You always have the best decorating idea and so original. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Great post! I can’t wait to get into Fall…but, we are still in the 100’s here in AZ. I’ll bring a few things out after we get into Sept.
    BTW, I’m with you on pumpkin spice everything…a candle is nice for a bit but everything else is too much for me. Lol 😂

  4. Great ideas Kelly! I like how you mentioned using pink if you want. I like being unique and appreciate you mentioning that!

  5. My favorite drink is some hot cinnamon tea. I love what you said and how you decorate for Fall. I also use gourds for my Fall decorating. Happy fall Kelly and Sushi!M

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