More than Half of Americans Are Happiest in the Fall!

Move over heat and humidity and make way for pumpkin-spice everything! If Fall is your favorite season, you’re in good company. Did you know that more than half of Americans are happiest in the Fall? I’m sharing the top 30 Fall favorites plus insight into what loving fall says about you! So break out those leather boots and cozy sweaters, plan a scenic fall foliage drive and pile your porch high with mums and pumpkins to celebrate the glorious season that is fall.

More than Half of Americans are Happiest in the Fall! Love this picket fence with pumpkins

According to a recent survey, 56% of Americans are happiest in the fall. There’s even a perfect fall temperature, according to the research: 53 degrees Fahrenheit with the first two weeks of October being the best time period of the season.

Top 30 Fall Activities includes watching leaves change color, drinking hot chocolate, prepping for the holidays, making homemade soup and cooking holiday food

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Top 30 Fall Favorites

  1. Watching the leaves change color 51%

  2. The chill in the air 45%

  3. Drinking hot chocolate 44%

  4. Getting ready for the holidays 40%

  5. Making homemade soup 40%

  6. Beginning to cook holiday foods 35%

  7. Watching Halloween movies 35%

  8. Wearing big sweaters 35%

  9. Listening to the sound of rain on my roof 34%

  10. Lighting seasonal candles 33% (I love these gorgeous fall candles)

  11. Baking pies 31%

  12. Having cinnamon apple food/drinks 31%

  13. Making pumpkin pie 31%

  14. Having pumpkin spice food/drinks 30%

  15. Drinking hot apple cider 29%

  16. Carving pumpkins 29% (check out these no-carve pumpkin ideas here)

  17. Wearing chunky socks and boots 29%

  18. Stepping on crunchy leaves 28%

  19. Wearing plaid/flannels 28%

  20. Baking pumpkin bread 28%

  21. Going “leaf peeping” 27%

  22. Having a backyard campfire with friends 27%

  23. Seeing my breath when walking outside 27%

  24. Roasting marshmallows 27%

  25. Eating candy apples 26%

  26. Taking fall-themed photos 26%

  27. Seeing frost on the grass 25%

  28. Going pumpkin picking 25%

  29. Eating pumpkin seeds 25%

  30. Wearing scarves 25%

Fall fire pit with roasted marshmallows

It may come as no surprise to you, that I LOVE decorating for the change of seasons and fall is the perfect time to add some warm and cozy touches around the house.
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Although the first official day of fall isn’t until September 22, I am definitely ready for it right now!
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Survey was by conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Stuffed Puffs.

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  1. Listening to the rain right now and so incredibly thankful that it’s not 100 degrees here in Texas!!

    Always get excited when your posts pop up!

    1. Glad you got some rain Stacey! We are in the middle of a drought too here in NJ so any time it rains, I do a little happy dance! Here’s to cooler weather and all things Fall!!!

  2. Thank you Kelly. Yes, my Labor Day trip will be to the nursery to purchase Fall plants to replace spent petunias and others. I like the demijohn idea, will get mine out.

  3. It has been so hot in Oklahoma this year, we have had 27 days of 100+ with 1in. of rain. Since Monday it has been cooler and we have had 4in. of rain. I have always loved Fall with all the beautiful colors and cooler weather. Thanks for all the information about Fall and seeing your lovely firepit area, have a great Fall.

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