My Vintage Fall Living Room Tour

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air! While I hate anything and everything pumpkin spice, I love everything else about fall. Jeans, boots, cozy sweaters, and an even cozier home. If you love vintage finds as much as I do, I hope to inspire you with some creative display ideas. I also did some furniture reshuffling so this room looks much different than the last time you saw it and the new star of the space is my vintage style cane sofa!

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Love this vintage filled fall living room great collections and a gorgeous cane sofa

When it comes to seasonal decorating, I always seem to start with the mantel. Once I have that figured out, I use that as a guide for the rest of the space.

Eclectic living room tour - love the vintage art on the mantel and the cane sofa

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Let’s talk about the amazing new addition to my living room … this gorgeous cane sofa gifted to me from Eternity Modern! Cane furniture has been around forever and is such a classic that it will never go out of style.

I love using natural materials such as cane, rattan and seagrass in my home. They help create a light and airy, natural feeling!

Eclectic living room with stunning cane sofa and vintage art

Even the back of the cane sofa is interesting which makes it perfect for floating in a room.

Stunning fall mantel with vintage art and loving cups

My mantel got a trio of vintage seascapes that really pop against my huge chalkboard.

Stunning fall mantel with a trio of vintage seascapes and bottle collection

My vintage demijohn bottle collection helps cover the black hole of a fireplace and can be easily moved out of the way when I want to light a roaring fire.

Gorgeous collection of antique demijohn wine bottles on the hearth

Beautiful vintage mantel with loving cup filled with feathers and vintage art

Muted tones from a vintage loving cup (a trophy with two handles) and a pair of Mexican Tonala clay birds complete the mantel.

Vintage seascape painting mantel - perfect for fall

My vintage landscape painting gallery wall is back and bigger and better than ever since adding more to my collection.

I love how the landscapes face off against the seascapes on the mantel.

Eclectic living room with cane sofa and vintage painting gallery wall - beautiful fall home tour

A rattan daybed used to be where the cane sofa is now but my girls hated it floating in the room because they couldn’t lean back. (I solved that dilemma by moving the daybed against a wall in the sunroom)!

Eclectic living room with cane sofa and landscape gallery wall

I love the cozy conversation area two sofas facing each other provides and mismatched sofas creates a more relaxed, informal setting, which I prefer to a formal look.

Stunning cane sofa even has an interesting back - perfect for floating a sofa in the middle of a room

Stunning vintage landscape painting gallery wall - love the picture ledges for changing the look - fall home tour

When friends visit, they love reading the inscriptions on my loving cup collection so having them on the coffee table makes for an interesting conversation starter.

Find Vintage Loving Cups Here

Love this vintage loving cup trophy collection

Can you believe that this is only part of my landscape painting collection?!

Stunning vintage landscape painting gallery wall - love the picture ledges for changing the look

The common theme creates unity to the mismatched frames.

Details of vintage landscape paintings

Because every room needs a plant! A snake plant is such an easy care choice and a basket adds color and texture.

Gorgeous easy care snake plant in a colorful basket

Stunning vintage landscape painting gallery wall - love the picture ledges for changing the look

Meet my menagerie shelf! I corralled my animal figurines together to create this fun display on my favorite open shelving!

Shelf styling with vintage finds - love all the animal figurines and art

Including the art, I count 15 animals!

Shelf styling with vintage finds - love all the animal figurines and art

Another piece of Tonala pottery is a recent thrift store score.

Tonala pottery dog - love the earthy colors

As are these two. The dog is a ceramic Staffordshire knockoff and the cat is an antique iron doorstop.

Cool vintage dog and cat doorstop

The best animal in my menagerie is Sushi of course!

Gorgeous mid century cane sofa and an eclectic living room tour

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room …

the fact that I seem to have an obsession with animal shaped objects!

Hope this inspires you to look at your vintage finds in a new light and to consider adding natural materials like cane to your home.

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  1. Love your new sofa! I feel like you could add a new throw blanket for every season and it would really add a pop of color! I love the simplicity of it. Awesome addition! Also really like your unique animal collection!

  2. I love your collections and how you display them. It’s hard to believe you have more pictures, you have a wonderful assortment. Your new sofa is so pretty, you are all ready to get cozy and comfy for the cooler weather soon to come. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Finally!! It’s nice to know that there is someone else who hates all that pumpkin spice culture. By July they’re asking when the pumpkin spice comes back. As a true lover of summer I refuse to decorate for fall until the weather is fall like.
    I love your sofa. When I got married in the late 70’s I got my grandparents cane sofa. The legs weren’t super strong and was replaced after the birth of my second child. How I wish I still had that sofa.

  4. As always, I love how you reuse all your treasures for each season. The sofa is so cozy. Its amazing how non fall like objects can still give a fallesque feel to the space. Sushi is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your seasonal decor posts.

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