Sven Sofa Review and a Sofa Giveaway!

I’ve teamed up with Article to share my Sven sofa review and talk about how it is holding up over one year later. The best part is we are giving one of my lucky readers their very own Sven sofa (up to a $2,000 value). You can choose a sofa, a sectional or a daybed in any fabric and color … including leather!

Sven Sofa Review one year later and a Sven sofa giveaway! #svensofa #article #sofas #furniture #livingroom #giveaway

Let me just start by saying I know buying a sofa, sight unseen, can be intimidating (don’t miss my post with tips for buying a sofa online). But there is a reason why Article is such a popular online furniture store. In three years, they have sold more than 100,000 sofas and 35,000 of those were the Sven – their most popular sofa.

Sven Sofa Review one year later and a Sven sofa giveaway! #svensofa #article #sofas #furniture #livingroom #giveaway

I love Article so much that I couldn’t stop at one sofa! I have two of their sofas, a gorgeous leather ottoman and something new I can’t wait to share soon (and it’s not an upholstered piece)! Each of my four orders arrived quickly and the delivery men couldn’t have been friendlier or more professional.

You can see more of my sofa in my colorful living room makeover here.

Sven Sofa Review one year later and a Sven sofa giveaway! #svensofa #article #sofas #furniture #livingroom #giveaway

It’s easy to recommend a piece of furniture when it’s brand spanking new but the true test is how it holds up over time. I’ve gotten tons of emails, comments and direct messages asking me how I like my sofa so I thought I would answer my most frequently asked questions about the Sven sofa. Here’s why Sven is perfect for me.

My Sven Sofa Review … One Year Later

Is the Sven sofa comfortable? 

Sven passes the nap test! It is nice and deep which makes it perfect for lounging. The loose back cushions are sink into soft. It’s mid century style means it is lower to the ground but my almost 6′ tall hubby also thinks its super comfy.

Does the fabric pill?

The velvet cotton on my Sven sofa has never pilled.

How is the sofa holding up?

The sofa looks as good as new. It’s in our living room which doesn’t get as much use as our family room but it does see it’s share (especially in winter because we like to lounge in front of a roaring fire). I use a lint brush to remove lint and fuzzies between vacuum sessions and I don’t let my dog on the sofa without a throw blanket.

Do the back cushions sag?

The cushions are loose back which means, like regular pillows, they do need occasional fluffing to maintain their shape. Note: since I have received my sofa, Article has added more stuffing to the Sven back cushions.

Has the fabric faded?

My navy blue fabric has not faded but it’s not close to the windows. If fading is a concern, I would choose a lighter fabric.

Other things I love about Article …

$49 flat rate shipping fee (no matter how much you order) or you can pay a little extra to have in room delivery.

30 day money back guarantee. Just be sure to save your packaging and Article will pick up the furniture (minus delivery and pick up charges).

Sushi really wants you to win!

Love this boho living room with blue Sven sofa #sofa #livingroom #sofas #svensofa

ENTER TO WIN – Sven Sofa (up to $2,000)

US and Canada shipping addresses only

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Enter to Win a Sven Sofa from Article! #svensofa #article #sofas #furniture #livingroom #giveaway


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  1. I’ve had my eye on one of these sofas for a LONG time!! We are building a modern farmhouse and I’ve really got my eye in the Green sofa!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

      1. Question how would the blue leather sofa look with two velvet navy chairs? I really want to buy this now but closing on a new home on Tuesday so I’ll miss the sale!! Sad on one hand but happy on the other! ??‍♀️

  2. wow this is so exciting!! I would LOVE to win a couch any couch for my daughter who so needs one!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  3. Great giveaway and my hubby would enjoy napping on that sofa too! Had to share with our daughter-in-law because they are building a new home and having a keeping room. Be a great sofa to put in there.

  4. I love the Sven Charme Chocolate Sofa! It was really hard to choose a favorite because all the pieces looked lovely but that one was my favorite!

  5. OMG the green grass velvet sectional would look amazing in my living room. I have the numb bum test for all chair and sofa buying… it takes a few hours but giving each one a long sit while curled up with my kindle (yep even in the stores) makes sure we have something good to sit in for Netflix binging.

  6. I would love to win a sofa! Mine needs to be replaced and that caramel colored leather would look so perfect! Your sofa and the whole room, really look welcoming!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the green sofa…beautiful. I am a follower of yours, Kelly and never miss an email from you! Thank you for all the tips and decor fun!

  8. I love your sofa and I too am a big fan of Article. I have a chair I can’t wait to sink into and the end of the day!

  9. These sofas are beautiful! I especially love the sectionals! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! This is an AWESOME give away!

  10. I am dying over the cognac leather version of Sven. Love the clean MCM lines and cozy-factor of the caramel color, plus, leather is great for those of us with pups! Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. Absolutely love Article!! The green velvet and brown leather are my favorites. The company is amazing as well. This is a great opportunity for everyone entering!

  12. I would love to win a a Sven Sofa! I too am 6’ and find it super difficult to find a deep enough couch for both my husband and I to relax on comfortably. Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. So many awesome choices to be sure but I love the CHARME CHOCOLAT AND WALNUT
    colourway the best … I think!!! Thanks so much for your honest review!

  14. What a perfect giveaway! My fiancé and I just bought our first home and would absolutely LOVE this sofa in our new house! Fingers crossed! ?

  15. I love the blue!? So pretty! I’ve secretly been wanting a sofa with the long extension on one end…maybe this will be my chance to get one. Thanks for the chance to win one!! ??

  16. What a fun giveaway ?. Thanks so much for the chance! I would love to trade in the old slipcovered sofas for this fresh update!

  17. Wow! These look so comfy! I like a lot of them, but my favorite would be the Cascadia Blue and Mahogany. These are definitely special sofas and really make the room!

  18. This is such an awesome thing to do! Thank you!! I’d never heard of Sven until this. Reddit is awesome, isn’t it? I absolutely LOVE the green color above! But I’d always wanted the kind like the grey (grey is my color!!) – I just don’t think there’s space for the longer in my oddly shaped living room. LOL! I have just a chair and ottoman now. My old set was a darker shade of green and it was SO comfy – but there was no way for it to fit in here, so I gave it to someone who didn’t have anything. Even gave her my bedroom stuff, because that room is oddly shaped, as well, and it just wouldn’t fit. LOL!! This is definitely the strangest apartment I’ve ever had! Looks sorta like a stop sign, but not the complete one. Sorry to ramble. Recent brain surgery. Back to the Sven – I really would love one! The retro look is perfect!!!!! Actually, I love ALL the colors you have!!! That burnt orange is amazing, too – if I were to win, I’d just let you choose – ha!!!!

  19. It’s stunning, Kelly! It’s so luxurious and comfy looking! Thanks so much for the honest review – perfect timing! I’m in the market for a sofa with the studio makeover in progress and can’t wait to check them out. I’m painting now but furnishing and decorating is coming soon!

  20. The grass green Sven sectional is pretty lush! Goodness it’s beautiful and so chic! That would be the one I’d pick, hands down!!

  21. I would have so much fun with the Sven salsa orange left sectional sofa! But I’d probably choose the briar grey because I don’t know if I’m brave enough to pull the orange off. But maybe ??!

  22. I’m absolutely in love with the clean mid century modern lines of this sofa. My favourite is the BIRCH IVORY AND WALNUT. I also love the velvet look and you’ve styled yours so perfectly. Just perfect.

  23. My favorite Sven…??? Oooo…that’s a difficult one. I went through’s sofa section and there were several sofas that caught my fancy. I love the Sven in Oxford Blue/Dark Brown AND Charme Chocolate/Walnut. There’s nothing like the feel of leather. The Soma Twilight Gray Right Sofa Bed would be great for when family is over…of if I were to want to lay back and get comfy with a glass of wine and watch a movie. The same goes for Oneira in Dream Taupe….that’s one plush looking sofa bed!
    To have a place to store linens saves room in the linen cabinet…and no one would know you had a sofa bed if you didn’t tell them. It’s a sharp piece of furniture! Both the Timber Rain Cloud Gray Corner Sectional and the Timber Charme Chocolat Corner Sectional would be great for when family is over…and for family/friends to sit on when watching football.

    I can’t give you my favorite one…because I’m torn between two! I’d have to give serious thought into choosing between Oneira in Dream Taupe to put in the den for when family comes over (and to pull out and watch TV with a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate! *smile*), and Sven in Charme Chocolate/Walnut in the living room. This has given me ideas as the sofas are affordably priced and I do need to replace the sofa…

  24. We’re moving to a new house with a few extra rooms to fill and decorate. I’ve had my eye on the leather Sven for a few weeks, would be amazing to win it!

  25. Would love to have the Sven Charme tan leather sofa. Such beautiful leather and a great match for my living room. Also, I think I made a mistake on my entry. I follow you on Instagram but I think I may have miss typed in the entry form and Now I can’t edit it. My IG handle is joyat56.

  26. Man I think my fav is the Sven Cascadia. I just wish it came in a beige or tan or maybe even a darker green. Looks super soft and luxorious. Seems to have held up well too! Im not sure how well it would be with my cat though.

  27. I am building a new home and this is one of the colors sofas I picked! Great giveaway! Thank for this opportunity.

  28. I love the lighter white one. I think this would be perfect for our living room. I would love this. I can imagine my self enjoying reading on it or laying down and relaxing.

  29. Oh my gosh….I LOVE that gorgeous cinnamon-y leather sofa! It would look delicious with the mocha colored walls and the vanilla bead board panels and the one upper accent wall that’s in a deep reddish color. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  30. I commented before but I guess I should’ve mentioned the actual color….The Charme Tan…..but the Chocolate would be gorgeous too!

  31. I NEED a new sofa. Getting ready to knock down walls. Family has expanded with spouses and significant others to a total of 12 with me and hubby. Needing some open family space when we are all together with spaces to seat everyone in comfy spots. The more comfy they are the longer they stay and we like that. All men are over 6’3 so big and comfy helps.

  32. That green is to die for! Beautiful! We haven’t had a sofa in the house for many years, and I’d love to have one like Article’s!

  33. I’ve never heard of Sven® before now! That Shadow Gray is calling my new house’s name already Ü I’ve got to go check these out in person. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. WOW! What a spectacular & generous giveaway. Love the mid-century vibe. Thanks for the contest & blessings to you!! 🙂

  35. Would love the sofa for my daughter’s new NYC apartment! She adores everything navy and would love this exact sofa.

  36. Glad I found your website through Diane at @inmyownstyle. Thanks for the introduction to the Sven sofa! Hard to choose between the navy & the green. I hope I get the chance to pick one.

  37. I’ve been in love with Sven for a while. (Specifically the dark gray sectional. Like, IN LOVE!) I’ve been concerned about the height for my six foot man, so I’m actually really glad to read your updated review. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  38. My favorite is the Sven briar grey left sectional. The fabric is gorgeous! We are past the point of being ready for a new sofa in our living room, our current sofa is ready to move on. This would be perfect for if family!

  39. I absolutely LOVE the sofa pictured in this blog post! Beyond gorgeous! What I love most about it is that it would great in any sort setting — elegant or casual. It would be a beautiful way to introduce contemporary comfort to any style of décor, too. The sofa really is beautiful. You made an excellent choice.

  40. When I first saw your sofa, I fell in love with It! I love blue velvet, but could only afford the throw pillows,lol. Love your home! Thanks for the chance to win! ♡

  41. I rather like that sorta British tan colored sofa, and I think the green one is very inviting/relaxing-looking. Thanks for the WAY generous giveaway! 🙂

  42. I love the SVEN CHARME CHOCOLAT AND WALNUT Sofa! I love sharp lines and earth tones, and this sofa is a perfect fit for my living room!

  43. LOVE the Sven Cascadia blue sofa! My dog tore a hole in my vintage mustard colored sofa, and it’s not worth repairing. Hope to win this one!

  44. My husband and I are newlyweds and just moved to NYC with no sofa. Article is the best – the Sven Charme Tan and Mahogany is so beautiful ?

  45. The sofa is most important in a room.
    Sets the whole feel! Style and comfort are key. Your sofas are absolutely beautiful. Would love to have a Sven Sofa!

  46. I love the blue one but would not go with anything in the house. So the Green would work but I love the brown leather too.

  47. I love the couch with the chaise at the end. They are all so stunningly beautiful though. Thank you so much for this chance.

  48. Hi, thanks for your review. I want to order the Sven, but the velvet fabrics don’t go with my wall color. My best choice is the Birch ivory fabric. Not sure if the fabric will hold up well. Also whether the back cushions will be as firm as the one’s in the velvet couch. Other option is to change my wall color (RED) to a white and get the Sven blue velvet which looks gorgeous.
    any advice is helpful. thanks, Sangeeta

    1. Hi Sangeeta! I would go with your gut! It seems like you love the blue and paint is the cheapest and easiest way to change the look of a room. I can’t speak to the durability of the ivory fabric but the velvet is holding up great! Let me know what you decide to do.

  49. Hi lm interested in the blue velvet sofa. I have read many comments about the back sagging pillows and the feathers poking out which l can imagine would be uncomfortable at times. Can you tell me what the back cushions are filled with as well as the bottom cushion. If the back do begin to sag what do you recommend.. also what in your opinion are the pros and cons for 2 or 3 back cushions
    Thank you

    1. Hi Tracy – I love my Sven! I have not had issues with the back sagging but it’s not an everyday sofa. Article told me they changed the fill in the back cushions since I got mine. I love the two cushions but I also own another Article sofa that has three back cushions that I also love (you can see it here along with my online sofa buying tips: Here is more info from Article’s site on Sven: Kiln dried solid wood, high density foam, Polyester, Duck feathers, Velvet fabric – 85% Cotton 15% Polyester, Martindale test – 40,000 rubs.

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