My Succulent Planting Secret

See how to plant the easiest succulents to grow! 

Easiest Succulents to Grow - great tips on how to plant it and forget it!

Unless you’re living under a moss covered rock, you’ve heard of succulents and suddenly they seem to be all the rage.

I guess I’m ahead of my time because I’ve always thought succulents didn’t suck. I’ve had an old mop bucket planter filled with hen and chick succulents for over 10 years.

My secret? I completely neglect it (much like I do my chipped nails and ragged cuticles).

Succulents are so easy to grow. They don’t need a lot of water and they can withstand any season. I leave my succulents outside whether it’s in scorching summer heat or covered in two feet of snow.

Love this clam shell filled with succulents and she has the best idea for the easiest way to plant succulents!

So I turned to my old friend when it was time to come up with a centerpiece for my outdoor coffee table.

Unfortunately succulents aren’t cheap but I have a solution.

I’m letting you in on a little secret to create amazing succulent filled planters without breaking the bank … the sedum ground cover mat.

Brilliant idea - see how to grow succulents quick and easy!

It’s a tile of mixed sedum succulents ready to be planted in the ground to create an amazing ground cover.

I had different plans for mine – it’s perfect in planters.

Easiest Succulents to Grow

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1) Buy a tile of sedum ground cover – you can buy sedum here

2) Find a unique container (I love this ceramic clam shell I found at HomeGoods or an old mop bucket)

3) Fill container with a shallow layer of pebbles (to help keep roots from sitting in standing water since my container has no drainage hole) and organic cactus soil

Note: since succulents don’t like standing water and prefer dryer conditions, try not to use any water retaining soil like Miracle Gro

Love this mop bucket planter filled with succulents - love her tips on a quick and easy way to grow them

4) Measure your container and use scissors to cut the sedum to size.

Note: if you have an odd size container like mine, just cut a few different pieces

Love this idea for growing succulents!

5) Add sedum to your container – cut smaller pieces from the tile to fill in gaps

6) Add more soil to fill in empty spaces

Sedum is so easy to grow - especially with this brilliant tip!

Now the most important step – ignore it and watch it thrive!

I also love this giant clam shell overflowing with pink flowers from Old Silver Shed.

Giant clam shell planter - so beautiful overflowing with pink hydrangeas and tulips

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  1. I love sedums. I buy a bunch from our local nursery and they’ve taken off to the point I need to get rid of them. I neglect them too. Most of my plants are neglected but only once has is it been a bad thing. ?

  2. Thanks Kelly I love succulents and will be going to Lowes. Succulents are so easy and varied in colors, what’s not to like?

  3. Thanks Kelly I love succulents and will be going to Lowes. Succulents are so easy and varied in colors, what’s not to like?

  4. I forgot about some Kolanchoes that were on the back porch in a corner…and just noticed that they are blooming…yes…they love to be neglected…love the beautiful succulents in the amazing clamshell…have to get to Lowes!!

  5. Your clamshell is amazing!! I have a Kolancho that my Mother gave me before she passed away, 22 years ago. I love my sedums and succulents!

  6. I have look at a lot of websites for answers on watering and drainage, your’s was the only one that I found that had my answers.Thank You Very Much and this is my first time planting them…Thank You

  7. I live in Arizona. Summer temps three digits. I love succulents and have tried several inside and outside. I am not able to keep them alive. Help. What am I doing wrong?

  8. My first sighting of the beautiful peonies was 15 years ago. Since then I had lived in climates that were not so kind to this flower.
    But I am trying to plan a move back to cooler weather with 4 seasons. I will plant a field of
    Them and live happily ever after!!

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