Flower Arranging Tips for Stunning Bouquets

Flower Arranging Tips - simple ideas to have you creative bouquets like the pros! kellyelko.com

I may be slightly obsessed with my peonies.

I planted three peony bushes last spring and they have rewarded me with tons of amazing flowers!

If you want these beauties in your garden, don’t miss my peony growing tips.

How to Plant Peonies so they Bloom kellyelko.com

What’s a girl to do with this many blooms? Make a WOW bouquet of course.

DIY Flower Frog - one of the great flower arranging tips kellyelko.com

Flower Arranging Tips

Choose a unique container (you can add a vase inside a non-waterproof container like this metal garden tote)

To encourage flowers to open before arranging them, place freshly cut stems in tepid water for a couple of days

Add (affiliate) floral preservative to water

Cut stems with a sharp knife or scissors right before placing them into water

Cut off any leaves or greenery that fall below the water line

Make a DIY flower frog to hold blooms in place by criss crossing tape over the vase as shown (or use flower foam)

Turn the vase as your work, adding large blooms first then filling in with smaller ones

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and heat vents

Recut stems and add water as needed for longer lasting blooms

Make a DIY flower frog for easily arranging flowers kellyelko.com

Then sit back and smell the flowers.

Pink peony bouquet - see her tips on arranging flowers! kellyelko.com

I’m a lover of monochromatic flower arrangements – peonies, hydrangeas, tulips – they really make such a huge statement.

What’s your favorite flower?

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