How to Decorate for Winter After Christmas

There is something so bleak and dreary about a house once the festive Christmas decorations are packed away. The house feels so empty and so sad! Winter is the perfect time to add a little bit of much needed coziness to the house and I’m sharing my 7 favorite tips on how to decorate for winter after Christmas.

How to decorate for winter after Christmas - love her tips on creating a cozy winter home and this lovely mantel with giant fireplace, vintage art and greenery

If you haven’t heard of hygge, it’s a Danish way of living that focuses on enjoying the simple pleasures in life including friend and family, contentment, good feelings, and a warm glow. So let’s get hygge with it this winter season because I’m sharing my  tips on how to decorate for winter after Christmas.

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Gorgeous and eclectic winter living room filled with natural elements including cane, rattan, slate, vintage art, greenery and cool collections

Furniture Placement

The way furniture is arranged in a room can help create intimate seating areas or the perfect cozy corner to curl up with a good book. So go ahead and move that chair closer to a sunny window or a fireplace so you can have the best seat in the house.

I really like the way my two different sofas look facing each other and I am completely in love with my cane sofa that adds a natural and eclectic look to the room.

Love this winter mantel and living room and her tips on how to create an eclectic one of a kind home filled with unique treasures

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My giant old slate chalkboard is the perfect backdrop for any season and I love the way it frames whatever I display in front of it.

I love the wild look of this giant bouquet of fresh eucalyptus that I bought at the farmers market last summer and it has dried to perfection.

Love this huge bouquet of eucalyptus on this winter mantel with vintage brass deer

Don’t be afraid to mix metals like this trio of thrifted brass deer with a huge silver loving cup.

Love this vintage winter landscape painting and brass deer

Meaningful Things

Displaying things that have meaning is a great way to add hygge to your house. My art wall is filled with vintage landscapes that I have been collecting for over 20 years. It’s fun to remember where in my travels I found each one and remember friends who gifted art to me.

Art ledges are the perfect way to display a revolving collection of art and photographs without damaging walls.

Love these art ledges for displaying a revolving collection of art and photos


Add depth and interest to a more neutral space with furniture and baskets in natural wicker and rattan.

Snake plants are such easy care and love the basket planter


Nothing brings life to a house better than plants and fresh (or dried) greenery! For those who think they have a black thumb, a snake plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for (translation: it’s practically impossible to kill)!

Beautiful pair of huge vintage brass swans


I LOVE color but after Christmas, I crave simplicity and I get that by surrounding myself with neutrals. Some of my favorite vintage finds in brass, silver and painted pottery fit the bill nicely.

I have amassed quite the collection of vintage brass figurines and these huge brass swans are favorites. I love the way they look sitting on the hearth.

Love this stunning collection of vintage loving cup trophies

Natural Elements

Things plucked from nature add a sense of calm and interest to a room as can be seen from the vase filled with feathers and the turned wood planter.

These vintage loving cups held bottle brush trees for Christmas but look equally beautiful empty (except for one) and gathered together on a silver tray.

Mexican Tonala pottery animals are one of my latest collections and I love the their neutral, muted colors and floral patterns.

Vintage Tonala pottery birds and ducks - love the muted colors and patterns


I love having a big basket overflowing with cozy throw blankets and there is nothing better than a faux fur throw or a velvet pillow to warm up a cold winter night while watching Netflix.

Adorable Boston Terrier on a furry throw blanket

Sushi is the queen of hygge! She’s happy to snuggle up on a furry throw by a roaring fire.

Love the furniture placement in this living room with velvet sofa and cane sofa and a stunning mantel with vintage decor

A sea grass rug, capiz shell chandelier, slate chalkboard, cane sofa, wood accessories, plants and greenery, feathers, and pottery all combine to create a cozy winter living room.

Throw in some meaningful objects like original art and prized collections to create a cozy and welcoming winter home long after Christmas has passed.

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  1. Great ideas Kelly! I like the basket idea and the eucalyptus is beautiful! Really brightens up the space. Of course Sushi is my favorite! Hope you all stay warm. 🤍 I know ice is expected today.

  2. I love what you have on your mantel, everything looks so snugly warm and inviting. Sushi is ready for the cold! Have a great day.

  3. You have always given me great decorating ideas – especially this one (after Christmas is over and all the twinkling (if that’s such a word) is gone. Thank you, I love eucalyptus but I will have to buy them already dried from the craft store.

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