I Threw My Dog a Birthday Party!

I threw my dog a birthday party! I’m slowly morphing into the crazy dog mom and this party is proof! If you want to see how we celebrated Sushi’s big day (including a short little video tour of my backyard), come on in because we could all use a little bit of fun right now!

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Sushi is a celebrity among my daughters friends so it was only fitting that they help us celebrate. An Evite helped build excitement with a flashback photo of Sushi in her puppy days wearing a little pink dress. The girls were told to “be like Sushi and dress to impress.”

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I thought it would be fun to set up an Instagram worthy photo op spot so I dragged my vintage turquoise glider onto the lawn, added a balloon arch that someone gave me the day before (she had just celebrated her daughter’s first birthday) and borrowed my friends pink flamingo pool float (remember it from my Costa Rica birthday trip?).

I scattered some colorful round blankets and Moroccan tables around the yard, set up a drinks station, put out a few yard games, and ordered pizza.

Take a short video tour of my backyard party here

Every dog deserves a birthday crown! kellyelko.com #bostonterrier #birthdayparty #petparty #dogparty #dogcostume #petclothes #dogclothes

Queen Sushi enjoyed the festivities but don’t tell her that her crown is actually made for cats!. This little pink crown comes with a full set of interchangeable numbers so it’s perfect for any birthday and I love that we can use it year after year.

I could not believe it when my girlfriend came bearing a gift for Sushi … the same exact crown!

Every dog deserves a birthday crown! kellyelko.com #bostonterrier #birthdayparty #petparty #dogparty #dogcostume #petclothes #dogclothes

Don’t let that look on her face fool you! Sushi was the life of the party!

What do you think of throwing a pet party? Am I teetering on the edge of insanity?

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  1. This post made me smile. It was nice how it all came together without having to buy anything. Sushi is adorable in her special crown. Why not have a little fun!

  2. That crown was perfect and i love the idea. Sushi brings love and laughs to your family and why not celebrate her birthday.

  3. Kelly, you may be my long lost sister! I went as far as to give party favors. I dont have children so my animals are my life. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our fur babies.

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