Limelight Hydrangea Hedge and Care Tips!

Today, I’m sharing a Limelight hydrangea care update. I planted my Limelight hydrangea hedge three short years ago and it’s HUGE and provides me with tons of gorgeous blooms. See how this statement making perennial can make a huge impact in you yard.

How to grow an easy care Limelight Hydrangea hedge #gardening #gardens #gardeningtips #hydrangeas #perennials

Don’t miss my Limelight Hydrangea Growing Tips post HERE if you are thinking of growing these beauties (and to see their size when I planted them) and you can read all of my Gardening posts HERE.

While my other types of hydrangeas can be fickle and refuse to bloom, Limelights have never failed me and have rewarded me each and every year with an abundance of flowers! I love the unique cone shape of the flowers and the creamy chartreuse color in the summer that changes to a deep pink in fall. Limelights also make great fresh or dried cut flowers.

Don’t have room for a hedge? A single Limelight makes a statement in any garden (mine are at least 8 feet tall and almost as wide). Make sure to plant at lease 5-6 feet apart from the center of each plant.

How to grow an easy care Limelight Hydrangea hedge - great tip and tricks to grow this huge statement flower #gardening #gardens #gardeningtips #hydrangeas #perennials

Limelights bloom on new wood which means if you are going to prune, you should do so in winter (I’ve never pruned these hydrangeas although they are getting so big they do tend to flop – which s common with this plant). Plant in a sunny location and it will thrive.
If you are unsure when to prune different types of hydrangeas, read this post on When to Prune Hydrangeas so they Bloom HERE.

Limelight hydrangeas - planting and care tips #gardening #gardens #gardeningtips #hydrangeas #perennials

My yard has really come a long way over the years. You can see my backyard landscape plan HERE.

On a different note, I’ve been enjoying this last summer before my girls head off to college next week (insert ugly tears). We had a fun mom/daughter group trip to Punta Cana and then a fabulous family trip to Italy which I can’t wait to share with you.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and happy gardening!

If you have any hydrangea tips and tricks, feel free to share in the comments.

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How to grow an easy care Limelight Hydrangea hedge #gardening #gardens #gardeningtips #hydrangeas #perennials

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  1. We cut our limelight’s in half every spring and they grow just as tall and produce a ton of flowers every summer. Most reliable hydrangea that I have!

  2. Your limelight hydrangeas are really lovely, thank you for sharing. I’m wondering if you have painted your house yet and I’ve missed the post or if it hasn’t been done yet? I can’t believe your girls are off to college…just doesn’t seem possible and I’m sure you feel the same way.

  3. Those are beautiful and so is your yard. I can’t believe those girls are leaving their mother, they do know about not getting married till they’re 30, right,lol!! Thanks Kelly for these lovely pictures.

  4. My Limelights went crazy this summer. The blooms are enormous. Just cut some and can’t wait to post.

    My husband wants to transplant them because they are crowding boxwoods next to them

    Did checking and can be done but worried it will harm the plants.

    Enjoy the rest of your week


  5. I never prune my limelight, and it never blooms. It gets sun all afternoon. It is five years old and is about five feet tall and almost as wide. My soil is probably acidic since I live in the country in the woods.

  6. I purchased 4 of the beautiful plants for my new home. 3 are doing great but 1 is showing signs of dropping dry leave and dropping! Please offer any and help you can give me. They have been in the ground 1 month

  7. In your picture of the limelight’s, it appears you have green giants planted behind them. How many. from the green giants did you plant the limelight’s? I am planting a row of each and am unsure how far to separate each row


  8. Hey Kelly! I’m in Tennessee (zone7) and am doing all new landscaping in front of our house. I’d love to do a limelight hedge the length of the house, but it’s west facing and no shade, so I worry that that’s too much heat for even panicle hydrangeas. Any thoughts?

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