My Summer Patio Tour

You’re invited into my backyard for my summer patio tour in pics and I even made a fun little video at the end of this post so don’t miss it! Just like the interior of my home, my patio is a blend of vintage and modern. I love nothing more than hanging out on my patio and I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to really turn your yard into an outdoor oasis where you’ll love to spend time.

Summer Patio Tour - this stunning bluestone patio is overflowing with beautiful hydrangeas

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My outdoor must haves include this battery powered leaf blower which makes patio and porch cleanup a cinch and this miracle working patio shield mosquito repellent that has been a lifesaver at keeping my family bite free all summer long!

Love this blue home with stunning hydrangeas surrounding the back deck

This has been a banner year for my hydrangeas and I love being greeted by this explosion of color when I step outside. I planted two Endless Summer Bloom Struck hydrangeas four years ago and look at them now! I like that they bloom on old and new wood so if we get a spring frost, I’m still guaranteed to get blooms! The huge hydrangea on the right is a Nikko Blue (not an Endless Summer) and it hasn’t bloomed in years! This year, I’m happy to report that it’s blooming it’s head off!

Read My Hydrangea 101 Care Guide Here

Gorgeous hydrangeas surround this backyard deck

If you have space in your backyard, I highly recommend that you plant a tree! We planted this Cherry Blossom when we moved in 12 years ago and it provides much needed shade not to mention it’s a beautiful focal point and when it blooms in spring, it’s a real show stopper!

Beautiful backyard patio with lounging area and dining area

My outdoor sectional sofa provides tons of seating and I love that it’s so low maintenance. We leave it out all year long and it’s exposed to all kinds of rain and sleet and snow and still looks great. We do make sure to store the cushions inside when we aren’t using them. I also highly recommend a cantilever umbrella and when this one is open, it provides shade for almost the entire sofa.

Beautiful bluestone patio with large outdoor sectional sofa and tons of gorgeous hydrangeas

Love this patio with outdoor potting shed turned bar cart

This potting bench (mine is no longer for sale but here is a similar and more affordable potting bench) turned bar cart gets a lot of use when we have friends over. We protect it with a grill cover when not in use which is why it still looks brand new after five years.

Love this potting bench turned bar cart on this stunning bluestone patio

Love this potting shed / bar cart for outdoor parties

More Endless Summer hydrangeas (this is a different variety called The Original Bigleaf) create a cozy backdrop and helps the space feel more enclosed and cozy. The coffee table has a faux concrete top which I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone get because it chipped like crazy so I primed it last summer but have yet to put a coat of paint on it because I’m such a procrastinator!

Love the outdoor sectional sofa and large coffee table in this stunning hydrangea filled backyard

I’ve been using an assortment of old galvanized mop buckets as planters for years and love the rustic touch it provides.

Rustic old mop bucket turned planter for creeping jenny and geraniums

Pops of color come from outdoor pillows and a tasseled throw.

Colorful throw and outdoor pillows for an outdoor sofa

Love the pairing of mandevilla, geraniums and creeping jenny in this whiskey barrel planter

Creeping Jenny spills out of this huge whiskey barrel planter that gets height from a tropical, climbing Mandevilla with geraniums tucked around it.

Geraniums and creeping Jenny spilling over the sides of this planter

A shade loving Coleus in an old Pepsi crate is a simple centerpiece that can be left out all summer long.

Coleus in a vintage wood Pepsi crate makes a simple outdoor centerpiece

I know, I know, my patio dining table could use a good power wash but it was free so don’t judge me too harshly. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one but can’t find one I love that is also affordable! I scored these bistro chairs a couple of years ago but they are still for sale here. They are stackable which is perfect for winter storage in my garage.

Just as I was about to take photos, my daughter came outside and plopped down in one of the chairs! I had to kick her to the curb so inside she went (can you spot her).

Beautiful bluestone patio with room for a dining table and separate lounging area

Seconds after scrambling to photograph my patio, the skies opened and I was drenched by a torrential downpour! I guess that was my punishment for making my daughter go inside!

I’ll share more of my yard when all of my hydrangeas are in full bloom!

Who wants to check out my one minute video tour of my summer patio? It will begin after the short ad.

Tour the Inside of My Home Here

See the Before & After Exterior of My Home Here

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  1. Your outdoor space is one of my favorites! It’s so cozy and I love all the greenery and plants. I love how you keep it simple yet beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! Your hydrangea are having a heck of a year! I’m fighting with a few of mine this year but another few are doing great. Finicky little things! Thanks for the tour! 💛

  3. I just love the patio and hydrangeas! It looks so inviting!I have a row hydrangeas in my yard, but the North Carolina July heat makes them weepy. ;(
    How do you keep the galvanized buckets from rusting out at the bottom from the plants?
    Thank you for posting your lovely patio!

    1. We are lucky to have had lots of rain this summer to help cool down these scorching days! My buckets have rusted out and I just toss them! I’ve had these for years and luckily, they are still going strong!

  4. Gorgeous. I was thinking people enjoying the calm were the only missing ingredient, so had a great giggle reading you banished your daughter and experienced the downpour:) I’m sure your family enjoys the serenity.

    What color is your house…love it

  5. Your hydrangeas are stunning!! I hope the two I planted this year will fill out more 🙂

  6. You have a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy, so many pretty flowers and comfortable place to sit. I did see your daughter!

  7. Beautiful patio Kelly! Your daughter was sent inside just in time. I saw her on your couch! Lol
    Praying for rain in Cali.
    God bless you and yours and I always love to see your blog full of fun, creative charm!!

  8. Thanks for the link to your Hydrangea Guide. I plan to plant hydrangeas on both sides of my house next year. Limelights on the full sun side and mop heads on the partial shade side. The guide will definitely come in handy!
    Your patio is lovely and your hydrangeas are stunning! Great inspiration, as always!

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