I Saw a Sign

I’m a big believer in slow decorating but this is ridiculous! After almost 12 years of living in my house, I’ve finally found something to hang on the sad and lonely blank wall in my foyer! It definitely pays to have a friend who is an antiques dealer and when she found this old sign in a house in our town, she scooped it up and sold it to me (even though some woman wanted it for her summer house in the Hamptons)! The best part is that the sign is originally from my town and I’m very excited to be able to keep it where it belongs!

Antique sign decor - love this huge old sign kellyelko.com

As you can see, this sign is HUGE! I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to hang it but I knew I needed it so when my friend delivered it, she came inside and I showed her where I wanted to hang it (over the tv in my sunroom) and she immediately poo-poo’ed that idea and told me it needed to go on that sad and lonely foyer wall. So here it hangs.

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Love this huge antique sign for a unique look in home decor kellyelko.com

It’s rough, chippy and nowhere near perfect but that’s what I love about it! It’s even signed by the sign maker who seemed very proud of his painting skills.

Beautiful old farmhouse sign kellyelko.com

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have major issues! What does it mean that I have a thing for things with writing on them? I’ll have to see if Freud wrote anything about dreaming about signs.

Love this rustic antique farmhouse style sign kellyelko.com

I love how the black and white sign complements my giant feather shadowbox and woven bench as well as my antique silhouettes gallery wall.

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Beautiful foyer with huge feather shadowbox kellyelko.com

A much needed little pop of color comes from a set of antique bowling pins that line my stairs like little soldiers.

Love this antique farmhouse sign kellyelko.com

Do you have a thing for signs too? Please tell me I’m not alone!

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Love this navy blue house with such curb appeal kellyelko.com

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  1. You have a beautiful house, the sing board is so cute, really like your post and i just love your white elephant, thank for the post.

  2. I love this sign! So cute. I like signs as well, so far mine are all old exterior signs and I have them outside on the fence. One of my favorites is an old highway sign that says “Phone ahead 1/4 mile”. Soon younger generations will have no idea what that means.

  3. Love your sign & it’s new location! I also love the bowling pins. It must make a lot of racket when the ball goes down the stairs!
    I look forward to your posts. Keep them coming!

  4. Ha! I am a sucker for signage too! In fact, at Christmas this year my daughter-in-law asked for decor for her new house but added ‘nothing with words, please’! THAT made me take a look around my house and LOL! I guess she doesn’t have our appreciation for verbiage!

  5. I LOVE your sign! I have an old sign that we found in the rafters of our old garage (house built in 1920, we no longer live there) that says, “5th Street Beauty Shop” (we lived on 5th street). I thought about leaving it with the old house, but I couldn’t part with it, and it now hangs in our bedroom. Just so you know, I can’t get that “I Saw the Sign” song out of my head! Also, what color is the outside of your house? We are getting ready to paint ours in a similar color, and I’m ha ing trouble finding just the right shade (paint samples are on the house now!). Don’t worry, we live in the PNW, far from your house 🙂

  6. You are not alone, I love signs but, very seldom can find them. That is such a treasure I think and it looks fabulous on that wall.

  7. It is such a great post. I love signs too. It looks great where it is right now. I always love seeing notification in my email box that you have a new post. I hope you will never quit blogging.

  8. Don’t worry Kelly, I have the same issue with signs with words. I love nice quotes and inspiring words. This is a wonderful find! ❤

  9. The “woman” is actually a descendant of the seller named on the sign. But so glad that you get to gloat about it.

  10. Ooh! That’s cool!

    If they aren’t massed produced signs, or are something super unique, then yes, definitely! For example, I have a GIANT green city limits sign that you typically see on the road. It’s from my husband’s little hometown. From my understanding, he “acquired” it in high school or college. It hangs in our living room over our entertainment center. I love it!

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