I’ve Got Mail – Vintage Mail Sorter

Remember the excitement of opening the mailbox to find a letter addressed to you? A hand written letter is a rarity these days and has given way to texts and emails. You can imagine my excitement when I found this blast from the past … a vintage mail sorter! I’m thrilled to share my latest find that adds a rustic touch to my foyer.

Love this vintage mail sorter and giant crewel art in this eclectic home kellyelko.com

I put a poll up in my Instagram stories the other day asking if I should keep the mail sorter here or leave the foyer the way it was before.

I was surprised to find that the votes were pretty evenly split! What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment letting me know which look has your vote.

See My Before Foyer Here

Farmhouse foyer with old sign and rustic mail sorter kellyelko.com

I know nothing about the age of this piece and it’s not in perfect condition but the scratches and dings on the soft pine of this time worn piece make it that much better.

While I love the old look, it’s always fun to switch things up and this mail sorter gives me an excuse to work my styling magic (not that I ever need an excuse)!

Eclectic home filled with thrifted, vintage furniture and accessories like this pine mail sorter and giant crewel art kellyelko.com

I had fun playing around with accessories but didn’t want a cluttered look so I chose to keep most of the cubbies empty with a few books adding interest.

Love this rustic mail sorter in this eclectic entry kellyelko.com

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This is my latest thrifted globe (yes, I have a collection of them!)  and I love it’s smaller size plus it adds a little pop of color.

The little houses are actually vintage KLM decanters filled with gin (they are still sealed) that are given out to customers flying on KLM, a Dutch airline.

Vintage globe and KLM Dutch house decanters kellyelko.com

Every room needs a plant and I am a sucker for animal figurines. The fact that this frog is also a planter is a bonus!

Pothos in a frog planter kellyelko.com

Sushi’s mini-me antique doorstop stands guard over my prized find!

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Antique cast iron Boston Terrier doorstop kellyelko.com

The vintage bird crewel is another epic thrift store score and the scale is perfect!

See My Bird Gallery Wall Here

Eclectic home filled with vintage finds like this rustic mail sorter and giant crewel art kellyelko.com

Every single thing in my foyer is either vintage except for the cowhide rug (found at a consignment store), the thrifted frog planter, the new little box under the globe and of course the plants.

All that’s missing is some actual snail mail!

Farmhouse entry with cowhide rug and vintage furniture kellyelko.com

My 12 years of Catholic school ensured that I had perfect penmanship so I really should put pen to paper (and not just for grocery lists)! In fact, one of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time was a calligraphy set I got when I was a kid.

Which reminds me of a post I wrote years ago that resonated with so many people …

The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing and DIY Envelopes Here

Oh, and how amazing is this huge mail sorter and I love the color of this one!

Want to see more of my 1913 house …

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Gorgeous home painted navy blue kellyelko.com

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  1. I love the mail sorter! I would want it to be front and center in the entry. But if it would be more useful in an office or studio, I would put it there. It depends if you are looking at form over function. My home is small, so I must look for function in my decorating. I love when I find something awesome that is so functional.

  2. It fits perfectly there!! It’s narrow, not too wide, doesn’t stick out. Love the bird crewel art, and the globe brings out the soft colors in it.

  3. I want one, I love your new find and I like it in the foyer. It’s a piece I know you will enjoy styling in so many different ways, have fun and a great day.

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