Birds of a Feather Gallery Wall

Are you guilty of hanging a piece of art and leaving it in the exact same spot for all eternity? If you take the art down, will there be a faded spot on the wall left in its place? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to move your art around or find some new thrifted art to fill the space. Step inside my revamped entrance vestibule … a tiny area in my 1903 house between my front door and my foyer. I’ve been on a mission to get my art out of storage bins and onto my walls! Because I always say it’s better to display similar things together instead of scattering them throughout the house, I decided it would be fun to create a vintage birds gallery wall in this small space. Plus I’m sharing the story of my three pet parakeets and their untimely demise.

Eclectic vintage birds gallery wall - love all the different frames

One of my favorite features of my 1903 house is this tiny little entrance vestibule. Small spaces are the perfect place to go bold and have fun. So I decided a makeover was in order.

I gathered up my art and laid it on the floor until I found an arrangement I liked. I was going for a whimsical asymmetrical look which I thought would be perfect with all the mismatched frames.

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Love this old house entrance vestibule and the eclectic gallery wall

No birds were harmed by Sushi during the hanging of this gallery wall (although she tried).

Vintage bird art gallery wall - love the eclectic, whimsical look

I really like the variety of different mediums including my favorite, an embroidered peacock.

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Vintage embroidered peacock art

How cute is this little partridge in a pear tree crewel.

Vintage partridge in a pear tree crewel art

It’s all in the little details.

Vintage bird painting

I thought it only fitting to include my dad’s old duck decoy to the flock.

Cute cockatiel art and vintage duck decoy

The other side of this tiny space is an eclectic jumble of styles.

Love this tiny entrance vestibule filled with eclectic decor

I carried over the bird theme on the opposite wall with this original painting that’s a copy of the famous Frida Kahlo painting called Me and My Parrots.

Love this eclectic entry and the all the different eras of decor

I wonder if my love of these bird paintings has anything to do with my pet parakeets I had when I was a kid. Tweety who flew out the front door never to be found again was replaced by Shamrock. Tweety II joined the cage soon after until he also flew right out the front door. I was distraught and gathered up all the neighborhood kids to form a search party to find my precious birds. Alas, they never did fly home.

Vintage painting copied from Frida Kahlo's Me and My Parrots

But at least I have my birds to console me.

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  1. I absolutely love this Kelly! And I wish I had a cool little vestibule to decorate. You’ve inspired me to get out my set of 4 thrifted Japanese (?) tropical bird paintings with bamboo frames out for summer. Maybe I’ll put them on my mantel.

  2. Lovely! I lost two parakeets as well as a child – the Kresge Dime Store sold them for about $1.59 each. My amazingly tolerant mother let me keep four at one time! Now, I have switched to one canary at a time in my home – their songs fill the house like nothing else can! Even in winter – the song of the canary cheers everyone! Mary

  3. I love the collection of birds – you might need a tiny bird christmas tree in there during the holidays. 🙂

  4. I love the idea and all your pictures are exceptional. Sorry about your parakeets. I thought Sushi was your guard dog!

  5. What a amazing collection and so beautiful to welcome guests into your beautiful home! Love Sushi too!

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