My Vintage Silhouette Gallery Wall

I have a thing for silhouettes. In fact, my logo for this blog is a pair of silhouettes of my identical twin daughters when they were little girls. I decided to gather up all of my silhouettes and display them in one spot and I love the way my vintage silhouette gallery wall turned out in my foyer. I’m also sharing a little history of the silhouette along with some of my favorite statement making silhouette gallery walls.

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The name Silhouette traces back to the 18th century French finance minister, Etienne de Silhouette. Long before the invention of the camera and using just a pair of scissors and a good eye, he created these whimsical little images that resembled his subjects. The invention of the camera in 1816 signaled the end of this once popular art form. Thankfully, silhouettes are making a comeback and if you’re lucky enough to find one at a thrift shop or flea market, scoop that thing up!

You can still find talented silhouette artists who can turn a piece of black paper into your likeness. I had my girls silhouettes done at Disney over 15 years ago and I treasure them. It was amazing to watch the artist at work as he swiftly turned scraps of paper into a work of art that is the spitting image of my girls!

Love the graphic punch these vintage silhouettes add to this foyer #foyer #foyerdecor #art #vintageart #silhouettes #vintagesilhouettes #eclecticdecor #farmhousedecor #cherryblossom #floweringbranches #midcenturydecor #oldhouse #oldhome #vestibule

I joke that my parents didn’t love me enough to have a silhouette done of me when I was a kid so let’s pretend the lady in the hat at the bottom of the photo below is me! My girls are the two silhouettes in the middle (done when they were five at Disney) and my hubby’s is at the top (of his eight year old self).

Look closely at the photo below to find two Easter Eggs (hidden surprises that are not supposed to be there)!

Tour this eclectic home filled with old and new like these vintage silhouettes #silhouettes #silhouetteart #foyerdecor #foyer #midcentury #eclecticdecor #floweringbranches #livingroomdecor #oldhouse #oldhome

The others were found for a dollar or two at estate sales and thrift shops. In fact, I even found one silhouette with the persons full name written on the back so I did a little detective work and found her on Facebook. I messaged her and she was thrilled that I found her childhood silhouette. You can read all about the funny story of the vintage silhouette here.

Love this eclectic foyer with a mix of old and new #floweringbranches #silhouettes #midcenturydecor #eclecticdecor #vintagedecor #foyer

I love my girls silhouettes so much I turned them into oversize art. You can see more of them in my master bedroom tour here.

Love these oversized graphic black and white silhouettes #bedroom #bedroomdecor #customart #silhouettes #masterbedroom #bedroomfurniture #eclecticdecor #vintagemodern

Don’t miss some of my favorite Eclectic Home Tours that feature stunning silhouette gallery walls ….

The Farmhouse Project Home Tour

Wow this vintage silhouette gallery wall is stunning on the staircase all #silhouettes #silhouetteart #vintagesilhouettes #vintagedecor #oldhouse #oldhome #eclecticdecor #vintage #thrifted #thrifty #collections

Maggie Overby Studios Home Tour

Stunning home tour with vintage silhouette gallery wall in the bedroom #silhouette #vintagesilhouette #vintageart #vintagedecor #vintagebedroom #farmhousedecor

Sincerely Sara D Home Tour 

Love the eclectic mix of this colorful home #kitchen #whitekitchen #colorfulhome #colorlovers #kitchendecor #kitchen #lighting #silhouettes

And how fun is this graphic black and white silhouette art from Kate Pierce Vintage.

Love this vintage silhouette gallery wall on a staircase wall #silhouettes #vintagesilhouettes #vintageart #vintagedecor #collections #collector #collected #blackandwhite #farmhousedecor

My girls! Although don’t ask me which silhouette belongs to which daughter!
I love this bloggers home! Such an eclectic mix of old and new and definitely one of a kind

Tour my 1903 Home Here

Did you find the two Easter Eggs (things that should not have been in the photo)!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your silhouette wall Kelly. We had one done at Disney 5 years ago when my son was 4.
    So happy we did, I love having it. I remember seeing one at my girlfriends home MANY years ago of her and her two brothers in their hallway. Always liked them.

  2. I too love silhouettes. And I have a silhouette wall of family and ones I pick up in antique shops. My mother had ours done by Carew Rice in early 60s. His grandson Clay does them now.

  3. I love a challenge but cannot find Easter eggs!!! I do see that you keep your hammer in the same place I keep mine!!

  4. Love this view Kelly! I also appreciate the history lesson on silhouettes. I love learning new things. Love your wall!

  5. When I was a child (many years ago) they would do silhouettes by sitting the subject facing sideways in front of a big board/page/whatever and get a bright light, adjusted to get the right shadow, and would draw the shadow outline with pencil or chalk, if using black paper, then cut out very carefully adding a few cutout areas for any needed detailing. these were mounted and framed.

  6. I love your silhouettes! Especial those of your twins. My sister and I had large silhouettes done of us at school when we were about 6 years old. Some years ago we scanned them and printed out small versions to frame for our bedrooms. I suppose we could frame the originals, but I don’t know where we could hang them. The walls of our condo are pretty full of artwork and family photos.

  7. Silhouettes are always perfect I think. They look so nice in that corner. The easter eggs are hammer and lid on couch. Lol I forget mine in dining room and my 3 year old said” momma you supposed to put your stuff away when your done”. So cute and very true.

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