Why I Love Picture Ledges and a Eclectic Gallery Wall Ideas

I’m a big lover of vintage art and over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection. I love changing out my art but hate putting tons of holes in my walls which is why I am a big lover of picture ledges. Picture ledge walls offer a blank slate to work with and it’s so easy to change out the look whenever the mood strikes. I’m sharing my eclectic vintage art gallery wall plus flashing back to some old favorites to hopefully inspire you to create your own unique wall of art.

Picture ledge walls are the perfect way to change out the look of your artwork kellyelko.com

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I laid out my art on the floor and started propping and leaning and layering until I got a look I liked. From portraits to still life to embroidery to paper cut art and more, this is a very eclectic mix. I also love to layer in little objects and if you look closely you can see a little wooden roly poly figurine, a pair of brass shoes and even an old camera! My ledges are five feet long.

A embroidered floral was propped on the armoire to help create visual balance.

Love this colorful, eclectic, vintage gallery wall of thrifted art kellyelko.com

Don’t get me wrong … I still LOVE my vintage landscape painting wall and I’m sure it will be making a comeback some day. That’s the beauty of these ledges, I can switch up the look any time I want.

Vintage landscape painting gallery wall on picture ledges kellyelko.com

Here are a couple of variations of my vintage landscape wall!

Love this vintage landscape painting gallery wall on picture ledges kellyelkoc.om

The beauty of these picture ledges is that I can change the art without damaging my walls!

I had so much fun rounding up all of my vintage floral art to create this colorful gallery wall.

Colorful vintage floral art gallery wall kellyelko.com

This floral wall is part of my spring home tour that you do not want to miss!

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I loved my family photo wall that’s mostly black and white with a few pops of color. Don’t be afraid to mix art with photos (I even propped my childhood panda bear on the ledge)!

Love this eclectic family photo gallery wall kellyelko.com

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The scribbled drawings were done by my girls when they were little and I had to pop them into frames. They drew me in a very flattering pose holding a glass of wine in one hand and a remote control in the other!

Love this black and white family photo gallery wall with a few pops of color kellyelko.com

For my current art wall, I tried to stick with a color palette of mostly blues and greens with a few pops of bright color. I tried adding in a few pieces with red but didn’t love the look. It’s all about trial and error to get an arrangement that looks good to you.

Love this fun and eclectic vintage art wall kellyelko.com

Before you hang your picture ledges, do an inventory of your favorite art and photographs to determine the best spacing for the ledges.

A framed vintage Mola and some other thrifted art creates a very unique gallery wall kellyelko.com

I encourage you to not only Try a Little Kindness, but to also try a picture ledge wall to display your favorite art!

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  1. did you make the ledges or purchase them? If you bought them where can you buy them? I just painted all my room; not in a hurry to start pounding picture hooks. Thanks. Karen

  2. Thank you Kelly. Yes, picture ledges are nice and allows more freedom to change things up and change is good for collectors like us.

  3. I saw your picture ledges in an earlier post and the light bulb went off for me. I’d been wanting to do a large gallery wall on a niche wall in my hallway and was dreading trying to decide on the layout of all the eclectic travel photo and art I had (and the resulting holes). The picture ledges are perfect solution to this. I have 3 on order right now. I have an old wooden pediment to put at the top to “cap” the whole thing. I’m excited to get it going. I am thinking about the Pottery Barn Rail System for my bedroom wall which I don’t think I’ll change up as much but allows me change without commitment.
    Love your display and eclectism (is that word?) How do you store your art when not on display–I’m going to have to resort to rotation since I’ve accumulated so much and we’ve downsized so I have less wall space.

    1. I’m glad my picture ledge wall sparked a solution for you Mary! I have so much art that I have to rotate it too. I store it in a big bin in my basement (standing the art upright). I need a better solution!

  4. You certainly have made me a fan of ledges, after seeing this and the way you change out your art, is a game changer. I have some ledges now and love them for displaying different seasons. Thank you for showing how you display yours and for inspiring me.

      1. Hi Kelly,
        I just found your blog and I am in love with your style. I have always wanted to display my art / photos, items without doing the commitment of a gallery wall. I have not seen wall shelf displays I am attracted to until yours. It’s not just the items, but the idea I can rearrange easily based on season or mood. I see your ledges are no longer sold, but can you tell me if they are antique, custom or were sold by a vendor. I would like to recreate the look and am searching for a more boxy look than the thinner shelves. Thanks so much, Leigh

  5. Hello! I think pictures ledges are a fantastic idea. We live in a place that’s known for earthquakes, though, so, how do you keep the art from falling off the ledges?

  6. Hi Kelly, just saw your post on Pinterest and really like the shelves but another thing that caught my eye was your beautiful Chinese antique cabinet! I have one almost like it. Where did you get yours?

  7. Hi,
    I loved the visual appeal but worried about the safely. What is they topple or is strong wind brings it down?
    I have a toddler at home – hence I am extra alert, I think. Thanks, Fauzia

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