Eclectic, Colorful, Vintage Spring Home Tour!

Longer, sunnier, warmer days call for celebration so I’m sharing my tips on how to decorate for spring. Welcome to my eclectic, colorful, vintage spring home tour where I’m mixing vintage and new, color and collections, plants and pattern, to inspire you to surround yourself with what you love. So if you’re wondering how to bring spring into your home, this post should give you lots of creative ideas and inspiration!

Colorful vintage floral art gallery wall on picture ledges

This quote really sums up how I’m feeling lately about taking care of ourselves and making our homes our sanctuaries …

Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.

Luther burbank

I planted a garden … on my wall! When I think spring decor, I think flowers bursting into bloom. So what better way to decorate for spring than with flowers? But not just any bouquet will do … because vintage is always better.

Love this colorful, vintage floral art gallery wall

I packed away my collection of vintage landscape paintings and replaced them with all of my vintage floral art that I’ve been collecting over the years.

WOW what an impact these florals make when displayed together! The common theme of flowers unifies all the different colors and mismatched frames.

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Notice that the large, big ticket pieces (rug, sofas … I consider blue a neutral, coffee table, tile, paint) in my living room provide a neutral backdrop which makes it a cinch to switch out colorful art, accessories and throw pillows whenever the seasons change or the mood strikes.

Beautiful, colorful living room and mantel for spring with vintage art, baskets, pillows and quirky finds

My love of vintage art can also be seen on the spring mantel where I paired a large crewel rooster from Chile with a colorful Mexican painting on bark.

Love this eclectic vintage spring living room with unique art, architectural salvage, plants, baskets and color!

It’s all about propping, layering, stacking and playing around with different looks until you come up with one that you love.

I love adding interesting architectural salvage pieces to my displays and was lucky to find this carved wooden piece that my neighbor gave me.

Eclectic mantel with vintage crewel art, baskets, plants

I couldn’t resist pairing this tiger jungle print pillow (found at HomeSense) that adds a nice punch of pattern and helps lighten up the dark blue sofa. A woven bench and vintage baskets disguise the ugly fireplace hole while adding lots of texture.

Notice my cute little face planter on the coffee table? He’s one of a whole collection that you can see more of HERE.

Stunning eclectic living room with a bohemian feel from cane and wicker, vintage art, colorful accessories and lots of plants

I’m a big believer in mixing and matching furniture so it’s not all matchy-matchy and my cane sofa perfectly compliments the blue sofa.

I love using ceramic garden stools as little side tables/extra seating and this elephant stool is so much fun!

Stunning living room with console table filled with antique demijohn bottles

Another recent estate sale find was this glass-topped chrome and rattan console table that is perfect for displaying my vintage demijohn collection.

Fun Fact: when I cleaned out the brown bottle, I found a petrified mouse inside!

Love this cozy reading nook with chair, leather pouf and a table of old demijohn bottles and of course that cute Boston Terrier!

Remember when I asked you to look closely at the photos to spot the unique pieces? That vintage glass topped swan table is a favorite Facebook Marketplace find that I have never seen anywhere else.

Don’t mind Sushi, the world’s nosiest dog!

Living room with French doors into sunroom filled with plants and vintage jars

I really need to give you a full tour of my sunroom since it’s my favorite room in the house! I just need to make a few updates and then I’ll share!

One thing I’m loving is the addition of this rug that I’ve had since I got married! It languished in my basement for years and I love the way it warms up this room.

Sunroom with rattan daybed, vintage rug, fiddle leaf fig tree and a huge philodendron!

Not only am I addicted to art gallery walls, I’m also a sucker for a good plate wall and have way too many plates to show for it!

Since I love to switch things up, this wall mounted mug rack is the perfect solution for easily displaying plates, mugs, art, and anything else I can think of.

What a fun, colorful, eclectic and whimsical plate wall on a mug rack in this farmhouse kitchen

About half of the plates are vintage and half new but my favorite one is my latest thrift store find … the “Fred plays with his food” plate that reminds me one of my favorite childhood toys … Wooly Willy!

Love this stunning farmhouse kitchen with the cutest vintage and new plate wall

I love displaying every day objects like this stack of plates plus it’s perfect for varying the height of these colorful old seltzer bottles. I bought mine 20 years ago for a steal and cannot believe the crazy prices now!

Trio of vintage blue and green seltzer bottles in a white kitchen

When displaying art in the kitchen, it’s fun to think outside the box and go with something unexpected like a landscape or a portrait instead of the usual food themed art.

White kitchen with red stove and carrara marble herringbone backsplash and vintage art

I love the graphics on these vintage Fire King bowls (gazelles and tulips) and when I’m not displaying them on my shelves, I often use them as planters.

Vintage art and Fire King on plate stands make a stunning display on these open shelves

My family room got a pillow swap and some cute new accessories and my Fiddle Leaf Fig has more than doubled in size since it’s near death experience a few years ago!

It’s the simple things in life that make me so happy … a bunch of brightly colored tulips (or any fresh greenery), quirky vintage pottery, a pretty pink candle that smells amazing and a cute little $10 chick pillow to welcome spring and Easter.

Polish pottery candlesticks (but I like using them as vases!) give such attitude with their hands on their hips.

Big bunch of pink tulips and Polish pottery vases

As you can probably see, I prefer eclectic style that lets me express myself fully and I hope you embrace your eclectic style in your own home.

And please remember …

Life is short, buy the flowers!

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  1. Kelly, I love, love, love the garden of flower paintings on the wall! You surely had fun searching for the paintings! You’ve inspired me to create on for my living room. It’s going to be a fun project for me to take my elderly mother along. We’ll both have joy! 🌷

  2. OMG!! I needed this, this morning. I’m sitting here with my coffee, my back, massager and loving every single picture and your inspiring words. You can’t imagine all the inspiration I have gathered and I’m excited because I am on spring break starting right now (work as a 5th grade teacher) and there are so many things I want to do in my home. Thank you for this wonderful treat. Now I’m going to go back and look at everything a second time.

  3. Kelly, you never disappoint…always a must see right away when you post something new…eye candy! 😉 Am I right that you switched out the two seating elements, living room and sun room? Love them there.

  4. Great idea on the display of floral pics! I’m visually sensitive and love how pictures can bring a spark to our lives. I suppose that’s why we’re decorators at heart.

  5. What is really admire about your style is that you have a lot of interesting collections and displays that invite closer attention, but it is all still calm & serene. There!s nothing cluttered or fussy.

  6. It is all so very cute and colorful, you always do a great job. Your pretty flower pictures do great when it’s so bleak outside. Sushi is a great watchdog trying to keep you safe.

  7. Best tour ever. It was a treat to read today’s post and to look at beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  8. There’s so much I love. My favorites are the carved wood piece on your mantle and the seltzer bottles.

  9. Such a beautiful home! Sushi is adorable. Our little Boston girl Peanut is about a year and a half old and we just love her affectionate personality!
    Now off to check out more of your home tours. 😁

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