Touches of Spring Home Tour and the Legend of the Brown Egg!

Mother Nature is messing with me here in New Jersey (one day spring is in the air, the next day snow and sleet is pelting down on me) but it’s officially spring inside my house. Using mostly thrifted, vintage finds (naturally!), I had fun arranging things in different ways to get a unique look for spring. I can’t wait to share my touches of spring home tour with you in addition to a funny little story … The Legend of the Brown Egg. 

Touches of Spring Home Tour - love the mug rack for displaying plates and vintage art

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When a painting has no frame, use a vintage pants hanger to hang it! 

I found these vintage “nonsense plates” at a thrift store in Maine last fall and they are perfect for a plant lover like me.

Clever! Use a vintage pants hanger to hang art

If you’re like me and love changing things up, a wall-mounted mug rack is the perfect background for displaying art, plates, mugs, and anything else you can hang from a hook. 

Love this mug rack for displaying plates and art

I wonder what Julia Child would think of me using her Mastering the Art of French Cooking books to prop up a plant on an adorable little green school chair? 

Cute vintage school chair makes a fun plant stand
Love this white farmhouse kitchen decked out for spring

A vintage demijohn (like my pendant lights hanging above) holds faux flowering branches surrounded by a trio of colorful bunnies and how cute is the tiny vintage floral painting I found on a recent thrifting excursion.

Cute little floral painting
Farmhouse white kitchen cabinets - love the open shelves for displaying all these fun vintage finds and painting

Every kitchen needs vintage art and a giant ice cream cone light! 

Vintage glass, Fire King bowl and painting make a beautiful kitchen display

The owl cookie jar holds Sushi’s dog food and I usually change out the jar depending on the season.

See My Vintage Landscape Art Wall Here

Love this vintage covered bridge painting
Love this farmhouse white kitchen with herringbone marble tile backsplash and stunning red BlueStar stove

Propping art in the kitchen is an easy way to add color and interest and it’s more fun when the subject is unexpected (not pics of food). 

Gorgeous white kitchen with herringbone marble tile backsplash and red stove

I cannot get enough of these face planters (this one is 8 inches) that come in lots of fun patterns and colors (we even use the smaller ones to hold our toothbrushes)!

Love this face planter with polka dot begonia

Let’s hop over to the living room.

Love the touches of spring in this living room and the colorful egg garland and vintage art

My Easter egg hunt days may be over but this egg garland that I made nine years ago is still a favorite. Although I love switching things up often, I find myself reaching for this garland year after year.

DIY Egg Garland Here

DIY Egg Garland - see how to make this cute spring craft for Easter

I’m so happy to see that snowdrops and crocuses have begun peeking their little heads out of the ground and I’m equally happy to have my own little flower garden inside. 

Colorful, thrifted art is the perfect antidote to the crazy, unpredictable weather outside.

See more of my floral art mantel here

Love this trio of thrifted vintage floral art

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

I have a confession to make … I love shopping in the kids department for unique decor items and the kids section was exactly where I found this adorable and affordable little bunny pillow from Target!

Love this adorable little bunny rabbit pillow

A plant is always a good idea and even better when it’s in a cute planter.

Pothos plants are great because they don’t need to be in a sunny location plus they are probably the easiest plant to care for. Just water it every couple of weeks and you’re good to go.

Whimsical spring mantel with vintage floral art and egg garland
Love the pink Peeps pillow for spring

In addition to hating coconut, I also hate those sugary, gooey, bunny-shaped marshmallows known as Peeps. 

But I do love a giant Peeps pillow in pink and by just adding that one pillow and keeping all the others the same, I have a whole new, fun, fresh spring look.

Love this cute pink Peeps pillow for spring

My Thanksgiving cactus is extremely confused but I’m thrilled that it decided to reward me with another round of blooms! 

A vintage French champagne bucket is the perfect planter to celebrate this little show off.

Cute spring decor including an adorable Peeps pillow

Now sit back and relax and I’ll tell you a little story …

The Legend of the Brown Egg

Easter egg hunts bring up a traumatic experience from my childhood. When I was a kid, my parents took us to The Knights of Columbus for an Easter egg hunt. The grand prize was a huge chocolate egg and I was determined to make that egg mine! My quest for the winning egg was not going well so my sister and I decided to take a break and find our parents.

As we walked over to them, I glanced down and saw a steaming pile of brown poop and pointed and screamed, “watch out.” My sister scooped up the “poop” that was actually the grand prize winning egg painted a deep shade of brown! As I watched the Grand Poobah hand over the giant chocolate egg to my sister, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of jealousy and rage. That is until I realized it was a coconut covered egg and we both hate coconut!

We satisfied ourselves by picking the dark chocolate covering from the egg until all that was left days later was a giant, sticky glob of coconut which we promptly threw in the trash. If that egg had been peanut butter, I would still be holding a grudge!

Here’s to spring and finding your own brown egg!

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  1. I’m with you on coconut! I don’t mind the flavor of coconut, but the texture??? Yuck! Your house looks fresh and springish – as I’m watching the snow fly… 😕

  2. Love how you incorporate old treasures in your decor! Such an appealing mix of colors and textures too. I am interested in the stainless plate/cover on your cooktop where the face planter sits. Any suggestions where to find these for purchase?
    Thanks for your posts that brighten our morning!

  3. Lovely! I’m hooked on your art and especially the way you display it. Loooove the huge chalkboard & little school chair! Now, I’m off to hunt down a few vintage pants hangers.

  4. My 17yo daughter says her friends think I’m weird because I have some questionable decor items in my house. But I think we all need a touch of whimsy, especially now. If t makes me smile, idc what anyone thinks. That said, I love your style!

  5. I dug up my demijohn recently. I put tulips in it, it makes a wonderful vase! Looking forward to keeping fresh cut flowers in it. Thank you for your post and the glimpse of Spring.

  6. Lol. I don’t mind coconut but I Love peanut butter and chocolate. I miss big easter egg hunts with family. I have little ones but with the crazy world we have yet to do a big easter egg hunt. I need to finish my decorating. My 5 year old saw your egg garland and is insisting we make one. Hopefully we het vfc to it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kelly everything is super cute! And mine and my sister in-law’s Thanksgiving Cactus are blooming too!!! It’s so crazy! Right beside my blooming shamrock!

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