Spring Mantels and DIY Egg Garland

Only 17 days til spring! I’m sharing how to make a fun and colorful DIY egg garland that you can reuse every spring and Easter for years to come. It’s been 11 years since I made this garland and it’s still one of my all favorites! Inexpensive plastic Easter eggs go from cheap looking to fun and whimsical. I’m also sharing what I would do differently the next time so you will have a much easier time making yours than I did. Plus, see how I styled this egg garland on some of my favorite mantels of springs past!

How to make a DIY egg garland kellyelko.com

It adds just a fun pop of color to my mantel and once it was hung, I was inspired to change up my mantel by adding plants including a pair of succulents in the cutest frog planters! I’m still in love with my art collage so that is staying (click here to  how to make your own oversized art collage).

DIY egg garland - see how to make this fun spring craft kellyelko.com

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How to Make a DIY Egg Garland

1) Buy cheap plastic eggs

Note: Make sure to buy the kind with holes in both the top and bottom of the egg (I used 50 eggs for this garland)

2) Thread ribbon, fishing line or yarn through the bottom of the first egg making sure to leave some to tie into a pretty bow at the end

Note: I used yarn because it was what I had laying around but fishing line would be so much easier to thread through the eggs!

How to make an egg garland - you have to see how cute this is! kellyelko.com

3) Thread ribbon through top half of egg then attach the egg

4) Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have the length you want

5) Hang it from your mantel, doorway or anywhere else that needs a little spring cheer

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So forget about putting all your eggs in a basket and put them onto a garland instead.

Love this colorful spring mantel with oversized art collage and a diy egg garland kellyelko.com

I love the way the colorful garland looks paired with my oversized art, plants and the most whimsical frog planters that I found on Facebook Marketplace.

See How to Make This Oversized Art Collage Here

Get a Peep Pillow Here

Love this colorful spring mantel with oversized art and a fun diy egg garland for Easter kellyelko.com

Don’t love the vibrant colors of these eggs? No problem! Just choose your favorites. I think it would also look amazing with light blue speckled eggs for more of a neutral look

DIY Egg Garland kellyelko.com

I’m not a big crafter but I couldn’t resist making something as easy and fun as this egg garland. And it’s stood the test of time … nine years and still going strong and will be for many years to come.

DIY Carrot Garland HereΒ 

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Happy Spring!

Some pics of the egg garland and my spring mantels over the past nine years.

Love this colorful mantel with vintage floral art and DIY egg garland for spring kellyelko.com

I have a thing for vintage art so this vintage floral mantel is a spring favorite.

See More of My Vintage Floral Art Mantel Here

Love this colorful spring living room and mantel with chalk art kellyelko.com

My oversized chalkboard got a spring makeover and is bursting with cherry blossoms!

See More of My Vintage Floral Art Mantel Here

Love this boho spring mantel with egg garland and rattan chair kellyelko.com

Sometimes less is more as can be seen in my mantel that was nothing more than a huge jar filled with cherry blossom stems, a basket propped against the wall and a cute little bunny.

Cherry Blossom Spring Mantel Here

DIY egg garland kellyelko.com
Make an Easter Egg Garland - so fun! kellyelko.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor
Spring Mantel with the cutest Easter egg garland you can make! kellyelko.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor
Make an Easter egg garland - what a fun spring mantel! kellyelko.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor
Fun spring mantel with the cutest DIY egg garland! eclecticallyvitnage.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor
Make an Easter Egg Garland - a fun spring craft to do with the kids! kellyelko.com #spring #springcrafts #easter #eastercrafts #kidscrafts #crafting #crafts #diyideas #diyprojects #springmantel #springdecor

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  1. Seeing color makes me happy! Such a cute and creative way to dress up the mantel for Spring. Your chalkboard bunnie is a great focal too….very sweet!

  2. What a whimsical, colorful and happy Spring mantel, Kelly! What lucky eggs … getting pulled from the basket and turned into a sweet garland! Happy Week!

  3. This is such a cute fun idea! I have some polka dotted eggs that would be PERFECT for the art house! Thanks so much for inspiring me today!

    Have a great day rock star!

  4. I love how fun this is! The chalkboard rabbit is perfect.
    PS my daughter saw this, and she wants to know “why can’t you make our house fun like that?” She is a big fan of your Easter egg garland – she has good taste πŸ™‚

  5. So cute Kelly! What is it about bunnies that just bring out the kid in all of us.You reminded me to bring my decorations out of the attic. And…sweep away a few of the “dust” ones on the back porch!

  6. So fun Kelly … Not sure I am ready for Easter decoration, but sure ready for Spring. I have to confess, I did put a couple bunnies; a basket with flowers and some eggs on my table just to take a picture of the table cloth. Well, maybe, I AM ready for Easter after all. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. I love this more than I can say!!!! Sometimes spring decor is so pastel – which is pretty and all – but that vibrant color here just makes me happy πŸ™‚ Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to see what is baking.

  8. Don’t know how I missed this one but it is sooo cute! Did you make the decoupaged bunnies too? they are so cute as well. This reminds me, I have to get all my bunnies out of my boxes, I’m dying to leve winter behind already! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. You are just a Spring Basket full of creativity! Please come visit me at anytime and feel free to craft and decorate my home to your eclectically vintage’s heart content. It would look better than random cans of paint and half finished projects in every room!

  10. Kelly
    I love all your bunnies! And such a fun garland.
    I found you today from the Linky Party at French Country Cottage, where I’m #269. I hope you stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  11. What a cute idea for those plastic eggs I am sure we all have a ton of. I like them in the glass vases, I may have to borrow that idea. Thanks.

  12. I featured your lovely mantle today Kelly!!! Thanks so much for sharing your creatiity at “It’s a Spring Thing” linky party! Have a fabulous week πŸ˜€

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  14. I am glad to know that eggs come with holes in the ends now. I made a lengthy garland a dozen years ago but had to make holes by heating an ice pick . The smell was horrid, but the garland beautiful. I draped mine on the yard fence, scallops, and enjoyed it for several years. I think I will go on an egg hunt to the dollar store. Thanks for inspiring me.

  15. Did you glue the eggs together? Or do they just stay together on their own? I would be worried they would open.
    So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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