How to Make Easter Jars & FREE Bunny Gift Tags

Who needs an Easter basket when you can make Easter basket jars! They are so fun to make and the jars can be used in other ways all year long. Add these adorable Free printable bunny gift tags to your jars for an Easter Bunny approved gift.

Easter Basket Jars - such a fun idea instead of an Easter basket and includes this adorable FREE Bunny Gift Tag Printable!

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A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket …

What the heck is a tisket and for that matter, what’s a tasket?

Beats me but I do know that this year instead of the Easter Bunny filling our baskets with treats, he’ll be leaving Easter basket jars.

Large glass jars are perfect for filling up with treasures and make great storage in the kitchen or bathroom once the candy is devoured.

How cute is this FREE Easter Bunny Gift Tag printable! Perfect for an Easter jar or basket

Decide the size of your glass jar. I used these large jars that are perfect for displaying a big chocolate bunny.

Smaller jars or mason jars (vintage or new) would be perfect as place settings or as little gifts.

Find Glass Jars here

Easter in a Jar - make these, add candy and a ribbon and top with this FREE Easter Bunny Gift Tag printable!

Add some Easter grass or shredded paper, your favorite candy or little gifts, tie it up with a festive ribbon and add this cute FREE BUNNY GIFT TAG and you’ll be the apple of some bunny’s eye.

How cute is this little guy holding a big yellow daffodil.

Free Printable Funny Gift Tag

Free Easter Bunny Printable - perfect for tying onto Easter baskets and spring gifts

These gift tags would also make adorable place settings so print out a few and set a festive spring table.

This jar is tiskets and taskets over any Easter basket.

I know any bunny would love this!

P.S. My girls are adults but I still have fun making them Easter jars/baskets. No longer filled with loads of candy, I like to put in little beauty products like masks and lip gloss, gift cards, scratch off lottery tickets, cash (stuffed in colorful plastic eggs) and spring clothes.


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  1. I love this idea! If I can get the supplies, I am going to try to make one of these for each of my homeroom students to have on their desks tomorrow. I’ll use a plastic cup instead of a glass jar. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Now that’s adorable and thanks for wonderfully cute tag. Will be using it for grand daughters baskets.
    Great idea using jars instead of baskets. The jar will be a gift also. You’ve sure inspired me Kelly so glad you shared this idea. Going to make jars for gd’s. Hope your Easter is special for you and yours.

  3. I love this idea so sweet. Also what a nice gift for teen or adult easter gifts. Im sure your girls will love this! I just have to say that bunny tag is so adorable. I think I meed to make my sister and her husband one of these. She prefers glass jars for storage i her kitchen. How perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly, this is such an amazing idea! I’m going to save it so I can remember for next year! I just love it. Thank you for sharing! 🐰

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