Thinking Spring – Vintage Floral Art

Vintage art is one of my all time favorite things to collect. The thrill of the hunt and the excitement when you find a diamond in the rough at thrift stores and flea markets. But what to do when you have a bunch of mismatched art and frames? What is the best way to display your art? I’m sharing a spring inspired vintage floral art mantel with tips on how to display art in a unique and eye-catching way.

Vintage floral art display tips - see how to create an eye pleasing look with mismatched art

Surround yourself with things you love and they will all seamlessly work together in your home … NOT!

Arranging art is an art form in and of itself and it often takes a lot of trial and error to get a look that I love.

Vintage floral art - love the way she displays these mismatched pieces

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For my mantel, I thought it would be fun to display some of my vintage floral art so I pulled all of those pieces (I have many more than what I chose to display) and tried to figure out which pieces worked best together.

The common theme of flowers definitely helps to unify the mismatched frames but the variety of colors in each piece of art made it a little bit more challenging.

Love her collection of vintage floral art and her great tips for displaying different pieces

The middle painting of a bouquet of flowers is an explosion of colors and I used that as my jumping off point.

Vintage floral art display tips - love this red and orange crewel art

The vintage crewel and little geranium painting to the left of the mantel pull the reds and pinks from the middle painting.

The red crewel art is one of my favorite pieces but it doesn’t have any blue like most of the other paintings so I went on the hunt to find a painting with more red in it and found this little geranium painting in my bathroom.

Vintage art - love this little floral painting

The right side of the mantel shows off more cooler shades in blues and purples.

Vintage floral art - love this orange and yellow crewel art

A vintage Staffordshire dog stands guard over an old easel that displays a large crewel in sunny shades of yellow and orange that are also in three of the paintings on the mantel.

Spring living room with vintage floral art mantel and a beautiful cane sofa

To give the rest of my living room a more spring like feel, I swapped out pillows and throws.

My large blue tassel pillow covers are favorites and are now on sale for more than 66% off here! The quality is outstanding!

Vintage seltzer bottles

I even went lighter on my coffee table with a trio of vintage seltzer bottles displayed with a single manzanita branch.

Cute Boston Terrier in a pink onesie!

Even Sushi is thinking spring in her new pink onesie (I’m not sure she will ever forgive me for this)!

So there you have it. Displaying art is definitely a process of trial and error but it’s fun to get creative and come up with new ways to display art.

Sushi and I encourage you to find a piece (or 10!) of original vintage art that you love because in the words of Henri Matisse, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

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  1. This mantle is beautiful! I love how pretty it is. I also love those seltzer bottles but of course Sushi is my favorite! ❤

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