Make a Peeps Wreath that Lasts for Years!

Make this adorable DIY Peep wreath for Easter! I’ll show you how to use these marshmallow treats to make the perfect spring decoration. It all started one year ago today with my Peeps wreath

Eclectically Vintage spring wreath crafts

Did you hear of that teacher who left a Twinkie on the classroom windowsill for years …

and it didn’t rot, go bad, spoil or fall apart!

No, it weathered the test of time and remained unchanged through many mid terms, science experiments and proms.

Eclectically Vintage spring wreath crafts kids peeps

I cringe to think of all of the preservative filled Twinkies (and Chocodiles) I happily consumed as a kid (and adult!).

Hey, I’ve got a sweet tooth and never met a Ho-Ho, Little Debbie or Hostess cupcake I didn’t like.

But I draw the lines at eating Peeps. Β I don’t like marshmallows.

During campouts, I would toss my marshmallows and graham crackers in the bushes and just eat the squares of Hershey’s chocolate. Β It’s amazing I wasn’t attacked by a roving grizzly!

Eclectically Vintage peeps wreath crafts kids

Since I don’t eat Peeps, it was easy for me to whip up this wreath without even being temped to take a bite.

I made this Peep wreath last year.

She’s stood the test of time and is holding up remarkably well for having been stuffed inside a plastic garbage Β bag in my dark and dreary basement.

Preservatives – they’re a good thing.

See how I made the Peeps Wreath here.

P.S. Have you ever had a Chocodile?

Check out more of my (preservative free) projects & crafts here.

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  1. uggh! isn’t it disgusting to think of the “food” items we ingested as kids. but they do make awesome holiday decor!!! thanks for this one – i was looking for a simple project to do with my 2 & 4 year old g’babies and this one is perfect {if they don’t eat the peeps}!

  2. I don’t particularly like ‘smallows either, but I can see myself in a fit of sweet craved deprivation going to my basement and biting into a peeps wreath. So to prevent that you better tell me what a chocodile is.

    Easter Blessings.

  3. Can’t believe that you made these last year and still looks sooo good! Did it get sticky at all though? How did you store it kelly? Unlike you, I love marshmallows but not Peeps, so i can definitely try to pull this one off! Thanks for sharing, and no, I’ve never tried a chocodile before but would love to try!

  4. Crunchy peeps are my favorite, but I think I would have to draw the line at eating the ones in your wreath now. It’s amazing they lasted this long though.

  5. Your wreath is adorable!! So bright and cheery, springy.
    I have never tried peeps before, but when I was shopping today I saw some and picked them up to decorate with. I love marshmallows, so I had to try them. Soooo sweet, they’ll stay as decor. But I can’t believe your wreath lasted! It probably would have been attacked by the mice in my house…they get into everything…we live in an old farmhouse. If not mice, then the ants would have come marching.
    Debbie πŸ™‚

  6. That is one of my favorite Easter wreaths … ever! Considering I’m not a fan of peeps, I’m sure I have enough uneaten ones to attempt one of these cuties! (And, no … never tried a chocodile … what am I missing?)

  7. I read your post and I just giggled! My dad used to love Peeps…frozen! Now I’ve got my husband loving them too. I’m more of a jelly bean person myself. And chocodiles are totally awesome! So sweet you have to share but…Ever had a deep fried Twinkie? They are my terrible weakness at the state fair.

  8. hahaha….When I first looked at your wreath I thought to myself, “Aww…..she’ll have to throw it away after Easter.” Shows what I know, right?! πŸ™‚ Now I’m thinking, “Dear Lord, what are those twinkies I’ve consumed doing to my insides?!” hahaha Cute wreath!

  9. ….and to think billions of $$$$ have been spent on anti-aging products …….. and you may have discovered the answer ……. just eat pleanty of Peeps!!!!!

    Very cute! -Brenda-

  10. sorry, wreaths made of any food are an attractant to vermin.

    your city ordinance will clearly state you can’t do that.

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