The Art of Nathalie Lete & My Winter Living Room

I love large pieces of art to make a statement but they are usually unaffordable so I’m excited to share a fun art collage I put together using art from one of my favorite artists! The art of Nathalie Lete is expensive, even her prints aren’t cheap, but I have an affordable solution of where you can find her art, more than 50 whimsical pieces on heavy paper, for less than $12! The best part is, you can use this idea with any art you love!

I took a quick video of my living room complete with new art that you can watch below …

Ok, back to my living room and artist Nathalie Lete who lives and works in Paris. “She is inspired by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colorful, naive and poetic, sometimes strange.”

I used painters tape (so not to cause any damage) to stick the art to my old chalkboard but you could stick the art right to your wall too. Each piece could also be individually framed then hung together as a beautiful gallery wall.

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Click Here to Buy the Nathalie Lete Calendar I Used

I also love this Nathalie Lete book that has over 200 images of her art

You can also find Nathalie’s art on plates and mugs and lampshades and more here.

Vintage brass fits right in among the whimsical, painted animals.

I have never been able to capture the entire length of my living room in a photo before but my new iPhone 12 has allowed me to do just that! Now you can see how my living room connects to my sunroom through two, original to my old house, French doors. The mantel is the focal point and the new art takes center stage!

The colorful artwork inspired me to display a trio from my vintage decanter collection and they add much needed color during these dreary winter days. You can see all of my decanter collection here.

Plants are always a good idea and the whimsy continues from the art to my planter where I added croquet mallets. Don’t worry, no plants were harmed by being too close to the fire for too long!

I love that I can get so many pieces of Nathalie’s art for a fraction of the cost of one of her limited edition, signed prints that go for $185 each!

The only one not impressed with anything, ever, unless it’s food, is Sushi.

Have you heard of Nathalie Lete? What do you think of her art? It was hard to narrow down the art I wanted to display and could only fit less than half on my chalkboard.

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Beautiful old navy blue house in the snow

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  1. Love the picture and the way you have accomplished it, very pretty. No I have never heard of her but, I do like her art. Sushi has a great place to lay in this cold and dreary weather, does she have room for me?!

  2. Terrific idea! I LOVE the painting that is in the background of the shot of the sample candles. Can you tell me anything about that painting? Did I say I LOVE IT?!

  3. This looks wonderful! I have one of her wallpaper murals in our cocktail lounge and have displayed our vintage brass collection with it. It absolutely works together and I loved seeing your brass paired with her work as well. Beautiful!

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