DIY Egg Garland

I’m sharing how to make a fun and colorful DIY egg garland that you can reuse every spring or Easter for years to come. It’s been eight years since I made this garland and it’s still one of my all favorites! Inexpensive plastic Easter eggs go from cheap looking to fun and whimsical. I’m also sharing what I would do differently the next time so you will have a much easier time making yours than I did.

DIY Egg Garland - such a fun spring craft

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It adds just a fun pop of color to my mantel and once it was hung, I was inspired to change up my mantel by adding plants including a pair of succulents in the cutest frog planters! I’m still in love with my art collage so that is staying (click here to  how to make your own oversized art collage).

Click Here – How to Make DIY Egg Garland

Make sure to use eggs like these that have holes in both sides. I used yarn to string them together but if I made this again, I would use a much thinner thread that will fit through the holes in the eggs much more easily. Click the link above for a detailed step by step guide with all my tips.

How to make these colorful DIY egg garland

Don’t love the colors of these eggs? No problem! Just choose your favorites. I think it would also look amazing with light blue speckled eggs for more of a neutral look.

Click here to see my DIY carrot garland! 

Make this adorable spring egg garland

Colorful art, colorful eggs, colorful plants … together they scream spring has finally arrived (just a few more days til it’s official).

How to make an egg garland for spring decor

I think this garland would also look so cute draped around a front door too or strung from a staircase railing!

Make this DIY egg garland for spring

My frog planters (one of my favorite Facebook Marketplace finds) croaked in excitement and their jaws dropped when they saw my garland!

This spring mantel with egg garland and frog planters is adorable

My spring mantel is complete!

Love this spring mantel with oversized art collage, DIY egg garland and plants

I’m not a big crafter but I couldn’t resist making something as easy and fun as this egg garland. And it’s stood the test of time … eight years and still going strong and will be for many years to come.

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Eclectic and colorful spring home tour

What’s your favorite simple DIY that you bring out year after year?

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  1. I have done this in many years past, using fishing line and spacing the eggs out. I used them to zig zag on the fronts of my large Boxwoods that are on either side of my front stoop. One year, I put them on the bushes and my youngest son, then in HS, said, “Mom, you don’t need to put those out for us anymore, we’re grown men.” I laughed and told him that I put them out for everyone to see.

  2. These are cute, colorful and perfect for spring, after the winter we have had I am ready for some color. Thanks for the tutorial and have a great day.

  3. I have always loved this garland! Seems like you have a lot of patience! I have a wreath I made that I like.

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