All in All It’s Just Another Basket on the Wall – Basket Gallery Wall Tips

I never met a gallery wall I didn’t love but gallery walls don’t have to be limited to paintings and photographs. I love unique art and thinking outside the box on what to hang on a wall. It’s all about texture and pattern and baskets offer both so I created a really cool boho basket wall. I’m sharing my basket gallery wall tips to help you create your own unique, eclectic look.

Love this beautiful boho basket gallery wall that adds so much texture and interest to this blank wall #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #bohodecor #diyart #thrifteddecor #eclecticdecor #farmhousedecor #falldecor

Basket walls are on trend, add instant texture and interest plus they are a budget friendly way to fill up empty wall space. This type of gallery wall can look amazing in any room of your home. Walk around your house in search of a wall that could use some extra love and texture whether it’s a living room, a long hallway or a staircase. Baskets even look great on bedroom and bathroom walls.

Do you remember the colorful basket gallery wall I hung three years ago in my dining room (see it here). I’ve since taken that down but recently found two neutral brown patterned baskets (for free on Facebook!) and wanted to show them off. I chose three more baskets from my stash and love the way they work together.

Find Tons of Neutral Wall Baskets Here

Love this beautiful neutral basket gallery wall that adds so much texture and interest to this blank wall #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #bohodecor #diyart #thrifteddecor #eclecticdecor #farmhousedecor #falldecor

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Basket Gallery Wall Tips

Since every basket is different, here are some general tips to help you create a one of a kind wall.

Scour thrift stores for inexpensive baskets. Or check out Etsy for some really unique baskets. Don’t be afraid if the baskets aren’t perfect (call it patina). You can even paint baskets if they are in really bad shape.

Lay your baskets on the floor and play around with a design. When you think you found something pleasing, snap a pic of it. You can use the photo as a guide when hanging your baskets.

Center biggest baskets. A good starting point is to find your biggest basket and put it somewhere in the middle. Then start working the baskets from largest to smallest circling around the larger basket. You can try other ways to hang such as largest to smallest. Play around til you find something you love.

Hang baskets in odd numbers. Even numbers create symmetry but odd numbers create interest. An odd number of details is more visually pleasing and forces your eyes to move around the grouping.

Use Command wire hooks to hang your baskets. Not only will they not damage your walls, but they will make it a snap to move your baskets around. I used these medium clear hooks for the big basket and these small clear hooks for the small baskets. For lighter baskets, you can try using this no hole hanging method or you can always use small finishing nails if you don’t mind holes in the wall.

Get Creative. Feel free to experiment for a look that’s all your own. Try spacing baskets closer together or even overlapping them. Use colorful baskets instead of neutral ones (like I did with this colorful basket wall). Create a basket wall that trails around a window or doorway. Add in a few non baskets for interest. Have fun with it because there are tons of creative ways to display baskets on a wall.

Love this beautiful neutral basket gallery wall that adds so much texture and interest to this blank wall #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #bohodecor #diyart #thrifteddecor #eclecticdecor #farmhousedecor #falldecor

I’ve been really loving earth tones for fall and like the way the baskets look with the colors in my living room not to mention all the texture they add to this once empty wall..

Love this beautiful neutral basket gallery wall that adds so much texture and interest to this blank wall #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #bohodecor #diyart #thrifteddecor #eclecticdecor #farmhousedecor #falldecor

Here are some other basket walls that I’m loving …

Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods  layered colorful vintage trivets over thrift store baskets.

Baskets and Trivets Layered Basket Wall

Love this colorful basket wall using thrift store baskets and trivets #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #diyart #thrifteddecor thrifted #bohodecor

Sweet Southern Grace added faux plant clippings to her baskets and added a few woven placemats for extra interest.

Farmhouse Planter Basket Wall

Love this farmhouse style basket gallery wall with plants #gallerywall #basketwall #basketgallerywall #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #eclecticdecor #diyart #thrifteddecor #thrifted #thriftedhome #neutraldecor

How cute is the little air plant peeking out of one of the baskets and the pop of color from the blue basket.

Neutral Basket Wall with Pop of Color

Love this neutral basket gallery wall with a pop of color #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #farmhousedecor #eclecticdecor #bohodecor #art #diyart

It took Cathryne of The Southern Holiday Home just two trips to the thrift store to gather up all of these baskets and I love the way she framed a piece of art with them.

Basket Wall with Art

Gallery wall hanging tips - love the way she framed a piece of art with inexpensive baskets hung on the wall #baskets #bohodecor #art #diyart #eclecticdecor #gallerywall

And last but not least is the colorful wall of baskets I created almost three years ago.

Colorful Basket Galler Wall

Basket Gallery Wall Hanging Tips #bohodecor #baskets #basketwall #basketgallerywall #gallerywall #eclecticdecor #art #thrifteddecor #farmhousedecor #wallart #diyart

Have I turned you into a basket case yet?

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  1. Love it! Have my baskets & command hooks ready to go, can’t wait to create an interesting gallery wall in my living room!

  2. Hey Kelly!! The are all fabulous tips on hanging baskets and each picture was a perfectly styled to create stylish ways to hang them. Great inspirations…btw.. I totally love your home!!

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