Full Better Homes & Gardens Feature Photos and Behind the Scenes Spoilers!

For those of you who saw my feature in Better Homes & Gardens this month, I hope you enjoyed it! For those of you who didn’t, I’m sharing the full six page article and including some behind the scenes spoilers! It’s fun to see my home in print and the icing on the cake is the great family photo, not to mention the adorable pic of Sushi in her little scarf!

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Pic 1: We stood on my porch for about 45 minutes waiting patiently for the perfect lighting. Sushi was in the photo, wearing a cute little sweater, but they photo shopped her out!

Pic 2: The stylist added extra blue vintage ornaments from his personal stash to my feather tree.

Pic 3: Tons of pre baked cookies (some decorated and some plain), icing, baking sheets and bowls were brought in.

Pic 4: Fresh greens and one of my vintage Christmas cards were added to my mug rack.

Pic 5: While a couple of us ran out to pick up lunch, the photographer had a photo shoot with Sushi and was amazed at how good she was!

Pic 6: The stylist brought more vintage glass light bulbs to add to my collection and let me keep them!

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Dining Room: The editors asked if we could use my old rope chairs (I’ve since replaced them with a set of vintage Danish Modern chairs) but since I only have three (a leg broke off of one), they had to photo shop the fourth chair into the pic!

The stylist and I made the fresh evergreen wreaths the day of the shoot.

Tons of empty boxes were brought in, wrapped and placed under the trees.

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas feature kellyelko.com #christmasideas #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #christmashome #christmashometour #christmastree #farmhousechristmas #vintagechristmas #christmasmantel #christmaschalkboard #chalkart #christmasstockings #christmaslivingroom

Living Room: With six of us at the shoot, you would think one of us would have remembered to light a fire! I finally realized it after all of the living room photos were taken, so they had to take more with the fire burning. For some reason, the fire isn’t on in this photo.

When they wanted to replace my vintage snow shovel that was hanging on the wall with something else, I ran upstairs to pull this cardinal covered wreath out of my guest bedroom.

Some of the props they added to this room include the fresh greens on the mantel, the basket filled with logs, red Amaryllis flowers, and wrapped gifts.

© 2019 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. Photographer: David Land

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas

I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes tell all of my BH&G photo shoot!

Sushi is now demanding an agent.

See if you can spot more differences between the photos in the magazine compared to my …

Christmas Home Tour 

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  1. I loved seeing you in BHG!! And hearing about some behind-the-scenes action is fun! I’m glad they brought in the baked goodies for the kitchen pic…doing all that baking yourself, in addition to getting your house perfect for a magazine shoot, would’ve been over the top. What great guests!!

  2. I’m so happy I have the magazine. It all came out so great and you really deserved this. Your home is beautiful and Sushi is adorable!

  3. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Kelly!!! And thank you for all the posts of your beautiful home, home tours and helpful hints. Keep them coming in 2020🎉

  4. Thanks for the behind the scenes extra, loved the photos and of course Queen Sushi reigned supreme!! It was a good picture of your family.

  5. SO much fun seeing all the different things they added. But your house really didn’t need it. It always looks amazing for the Holidays! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fun experience!! I have that magazine at home but haven’t even removed the plastic yet – now I can’t wait to do just that!! Everything looks wonderful…..especially sweet Sushi!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I too haven’t had a chance to read my magazine! The holidays came too quickly this year. Love the spread and all the insider tidbits! Do you mind sharing the vendor for your dining room trees? They are perfect for displaying vintage ornaments!

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