Valentine’s Table and a Vintage Bar Cart

I’m not one to dress in red and go out to a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day nor do I care about getting a dozen long stem roses (but if you want to give me a box of chocolates, I won’t be mad).

Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for me to set a pretty table and have a festive dinner with my family. I’ll whip up a batch of my famous Cupid Floats and make my Conversation Heart Cake again.

Challenge – can you spot what’s missing in this room?

Spring Tablescape - love the floral table runner, pink and blue glasses and basket gallery wall

If you’ve been with me awhile, you know my secret weapon to setting a table is wrapping paper and I always score the best patterns at HomeGoods! I love this bold floral against a black background and the best part is when dinner is done, just roll it up and toss it in the trash.

Beautiful spring table - love the floral table runner, blue and pink glasses and colorful napkins

Glasses are my crack and I just can’t say no. I mixed my latest pink finds with blue glasses.

Get my Cupid Float recipe HERE.

Spring table in blues and pinks - love the floral table runner

Spring table - love the graphic floral table runner with blue and pink glasses, colorful napkins and beautiful cowhide rug and rope chairs

It’s been five years since I scored this vintage Danish Modern bar cart at the thrift store for … wait for it …


It was in my guest bathroom but demanded to come downstairs and I am debating whether to make a true bar cart filled with all of my favorite friends … I mean liquor.

I etched the words “let them eat cake” on this glass cake cover years ago and love it! See how to etch glass HERE.

Vintage Danish Modern Bar Cart - love it under the basket gallery wall

Spring table - love the blue and pink glasses and tulip centerpiece

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This made me LOL …

Don’t have a boyfriend to keep you warm, don’t fret because you can cuddle with this Boyfriend Pillow!

P.S. Did you spot what’s missing?

P.P.S. Get my free Valentine printable HERE


HomeGoods – TableRunner, blue and pink glasses, blue vase, baskets on wall
Cowhide Rug
Rope Chairs – don’t buy these, one of mine broke and it’s not fixable!

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  1. I have your valentine’s printable on display on the clip board above my coffee/wine station currently. I think I downloaded it last year or maybe even before. Still love it! Thanks.

  2. I adore your basket wall! And those glasses…where did you ever find those? Your dining room looks casually festive…my favorite. And where’s the missing chair? Enjoy your day! πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL – you spotted what’s missing! The chair broke so now I only have three – on the hunt for something else! And I try to include a full source list at the end of all my posts. The glasses are from HomeGoods πŸ™‚

  3. Kelly, Your wrapping paper idea is a great idea. The table looks great. I scored a tea cart with the large wheels at my goodwill a few years ago for around $10 and use it in my kitchen. It gives me extra storage space and I love that I can move it around. Your cart is an amazing score and I say fill her up! Pat S

  4. Hello, I was going to try your wrapping paper table runner, but my mother warned me what if it gets wet, will it bleed color onto your tablecloth or wood table. Just wondering if you ever had a problem with the paper getting wet from spills or condensation and ending up with a problem? Thanks, Cynde

    1. I have never had an issue but I always remove it after we eat – just roll it up and toss it! I got this very wet pouring some Prosecco the other day and did not have any bleeding issues.

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