Top 5 Thrifting Find – Vintage Cane Coffee Table (Worth How Much?!)

I’ve found my fair share of amazing vintage pieces over the years and my latest find definitely ranks near the top! Meet my vintage cane coffee table! The problem is I already own a coffee table that I like. I’ll show you side-by-side comparisons of both tables, give you my thoughts on what I love (and don’t love) about each table, and then hopefully come up with a solution on what to do (it may include keeping both tables in the same room)!

Stunning boho eclectic living room with vintage cane coffee table and vintage art

My jaw dropped when I spotted this gorgeous cane and rattan coffee table on Facebook Marketplace last week and I raced over to claim it.

The woman said a few antique dealers told her it was worth a lot of money so I am not sure why they didn’t scoop it up for themselves. But their loss is my gain!

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Love this vintage mid century six sided rattan and cane coffee table

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We all know that 1st DibsΒ is a great place to score unique vintage but their prices are crazy high! I found two of the same exact tables listed on 1st Dibs, one for $3,400 and the other for $2,800!

Needless to say, I did not pay anywhere near that much so I’m thrilled to have found such an amazing table at a price I couldn’t resist.

Vintage mid century modern cane and rattan coffee table

Pros of Vintage Coffee Table …

  1. It’s unique and it’s vintage (always a plus)!
  2. The six-sided shape is very cool
  3. It’s lightweight making it easy to store if I want to change things up

Boho living room with a collection of vintage floral art and the coolest rattan and cane coffee table

Cons of Vintage Coffee Table …

  1. The cane surface is not completely flat so I worry about drinks getting spilled and the wood under the cane getting stained
  2. A custom piece of glass for the top would be expensive
  3. I wonder if the cane top across from my cane sofa is cane overkill?
  4. It doesn’t have as much room for display as the glass table

Stunning vintage six sided cane top coffee table

Eclectic boho living room with vintage art and rattan and cane furniture

Do you see what I mean about the cane across from the cane!

Now let’s see a side by side comparison of the two tables.

Boho eclectic living room with vintage floral art and rattan and cane furniture and huge houseplants

Below is the glass coffee table I’ve had since we moved into the house more than 12 years ago.

Eclectic living room with vintage art, cane sofa and huge philadondron

This glass coffee table is actually still available to purchase all these years later which shows it’s a classic.

Pros of Glass Coffee Table …

  1. I love that the table has two levels of surface space for display
  2. I love the size
  3. I especially like the antiqued mirrored surface on the lower level
  4. Bonus is that my antique brass Moroccan tray fits perfectly on top!

Love this mantel with vintage floral art

Cons of Glass Coffee Table …

  1. It’s very heavy making it hard to move around or store in my basement if I want to change things up
  2. It’s not vintage (and you know I’m a vintage loving girl)
  3. I don’t love the clear glass top (but I do love it with the brass tray on top)

So what’s a girl to do?

Eclectic boho home with lots of rattan furniture, houseplants and vintage collections

This is my (temporary?) solution. I tucked the vintage table under my old wallpaper pasting table (you won’t believe how much this person wants for their wallpaper pasting table!!!) and love the layered look. It’s the perfect place for a few plants and to lay a book by that cozy little corner chair. Even Sushi loves it!

I’m not sure what the long term holds for this table. Maybe I’ll keep it here? Maybe I’ll sell it? Maybe I’ll just hold onto it for that beachfront house I’ll live in one day!?!

But for now, I love the fact that I can have both tables in this room.

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  1. Gosh, really tough decision! I love your workaround…rattan in spring and summer, oval in fall and winter? I’ve got glass on my tables, although we did switch to plexiglass when the kids were young. We had a hardware store cut them for us from a large piece we bought at a big box store. Again, I love your sense of style!!

  2. Oh my Goodness KELLY!!!!What a fantastic score on the table .. yea’ Im a bit jelly but so thrilled you recused it for yourself. I actually like it styled in the middle a bit better than the glass one. But at least you get to look at both of them. I love it!

  3. Love your “new” vintage cane coffee table, what a find. I get/see what you’re saying about the cane-on-cane issue, not sure what I’d do either. But, I think your solution gives a great new look to your room! The cane coffee table looks amazing under your wallpaper pasting table, who knew?!
    Wait! $11,000.00+ for that table on Etsy?!! I bet the Eames name added a couple of thousand dollars to the asking price.

  4. Wow! What an awesome find!!! I love that you can keep both in the room! Your wallpaper table is also pretty amazing! $11,000 for that one is surprising! I guess that is their parting price! Lol!

  5. I just never comment on posts, at least hardly ever, but I was just drawn to your room in general! The rattan table is wonderful there, between your two settees. And I love the artwork displayed on and below your fireplace. Is that crewel work, or is it real paintings or prints? They’re beautiful, and if it is crewel work, whoever did them did a great job!! Lovely! You’ve made me want to go antiquing in Fullerton, CA, a city in Orange County that has many antique shops in their little downtown area. I want to see if I can find a table like you have there!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful living room. It’s so inspiring!!

  6. I would keep it, because I have rid myself of things I love and 4 or 5yrs. later wish I had them back. It is a beautiful old piece. If Sushi likes it that should be enough,lol!!

  7. Great find! (Kelly, a while back I believe you had posted about some kilim or south-west style throw pillows you had on your sofa or sectional, and you had shared links…? I was just scanning your sofa but don’t see pillows like that. Did you switch things up, or am I dreaming?:) I’m trying to find a good source. Thanks!)

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