DIY Paper Bag Snowflakes – Stunning Displays and How To’s!

Have you heard the news? DIY paper bag snowflakes are the it look for the holiday season! I love that people are excited to sit down and create something beautiful  and I’m sharing some of my favorite paper bag snowflakes that will hopefully inspire you to make your own and keep them out all winter long! I’m most excited to share some creative updates to basic brown or white snowflakes so be sure to check out all of these fun ideas.

How to make diy paper bag snowflakes - light over dining table

A few years ago, I hung these paper snowflakes in my sunroom window and loved the look!

I’ve noticed over the past few years that handmade snowflakes made out of paper bags are all the rage and thought it would be fun to share my favorites.

Love these paper snowflakes hanging in the window of this sunroom decked out for Christmas

Annie of Most Lovely things hung giant paper bag snowflakes from her dining room windows and I love the simplicity the look creates.

Love these paper bag snowflakes in the window of this stunning dining room

Sheri Silver used food grade paper bags with silver liners to add a little bling to her paper bag snowflakes and I love the way they look in her window.

Beautiful DIY paper bag snowflakes are stunning in a window

Alice and Lois took the paper bag snowflake trend to a whole new level by dying their white paper bags before cutting them into snowflakes! Don’t miss their tips on how to make dyed paper bag snowflakes!

How to Dye Paper Bag Snowflakes

DIY Dyed paper bag snowflakes - a fun Christmas craft

Katie of One Delightful Home used pattered paper bags from the craft store to take her paper snowflakes up a level and I love how she used them as ornaments on her Christmas tree.

Not only did Anna of Life Styled by Anna make paper bag snowflakes, she created this matching paper flower Christmas tree!

Anna says, “I’m so excited to share my Christmas tree this year. I call it, reduce, reuse RECYLE. I love to come up with non-traditional ways to decorate our tree.
This is brown paper bunched up into “flowers”? I will reuse this paper after to start our wood burning stove.”

Paper bag flower Christmas tree ornaments

Julia of Cuckoo 4 Design adds fairy lights to her snowflakes so they glow! When the holidays are over, she removes the lights, flattens the snowflakes and packs them away until next winter.

Did you notice Julia’s unusual Christmas tree? See how to make a pampas grass Christmas tree here.

Gorgeous boho Christmas home with DIY paper bag snowflakes and pampas grass Christmas tree

I love the variety of sizes Jennifer Rizzo used and the way she hung her paper snowflakes from the slat partition wall (that she built)!

Stunning DIY paper bag snowflakes in this boho Christmas home

The large scale of these snowflakes means you only need a few to make a big impact as can be seen on the whimsical paper snowflake mantel of Sara of Twelve on Main. A dried orange slice garland layered with a wood bead garland completes the natural look.

DIY Paper Snowflake Mantel - love the orange slice garland on this festive Christmas mantel

If you want more color in your life, you can try painting paper snowflakes like Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles did (I know these are technically stars but you get the idea)! These were originally white or gold until she put her magic touch on them. Don’t miss Jennifer’s colorful Christmas home tour too!

DIY painted paper stars for Christmas are stunning!

This paper bag snowflake light display really lights up my life! Toni Marianna says, “I stayed up late two nights in a row hanging all these snowflakes with fishing line! I never want to work with fishing line again. FYI, none of the bags are touching the lights…we don’t want any fires up in here!

How to make diy paper bag snowflakes - light over dining table

If you don’t have any paper bags, try creating these DIY craft paper snowflakes like A Pretty Happy Home did.

DIY paper snowflake Christmas mantel

What do you think of these old school looking DIY paper bag snowflakes?

Do you plan to make some of your own?

More simple Christmas crafts …

DIY Wood Gingerbread Houses

DIY Doodle Houses

DIY Plate Wreath

Unique DIY Christmas Ornaments

Don’t you think my gingerbread houses would look amazing with some paper bag snowflakes surrounding them?!

DIY Wood Gingerbread Houses - love the way she displays them in her kitchen cabinets

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  1. Wow! These are nice and I love to see other people on board with the recycle, reuse and reduce ideas. Thank you.

  2. Wow, these are all incredible. I’m not that crafty, so I’ll just enjoy looking at everyone ‘s! 😉 That pampas grass tree is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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