Think Outside the Pot – My Summer Porch

What do wine, plants, vintage and thrifted finds have in common? They’re all things you’ll find on my spruced up my front porch! Because I like to think outside the pot, I got creative with a trash can planter, an old basket as a wreath plus I have a great tip for adding real plants and flowers to your planters that takes only seconds!

Love this Hope You Brought Wine doormat! #doormat #wine

This doormat has my name written all over it so if you plan to drop by, make sure you’ve got wine (or vodka or tequila … I’m not picky)! Speaking of wine, don’t miss my favorite sangria recipe here.

Click here for “Hope You Brought Wine” Doormat

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Love this front porch with trash can planter, huge hanging ferns and basket wreath #porch #ferns #planters #summerporch #geraniums

I normally wait until Mother’s Day to plant but once I knew there would be no more cold snaps, I just had to liven up my porch (so don’t go judging my porch railings that could use a good scrubbing).

Can you believe the black and white striped planters are actually plastic waste cans?! Not your normal dinky waste cans either. These are larger than normal (5 gallons) which makes them perfect to be repurposed into outdoor planters. I actually found one at the thrift store and immediately knew its days of holding trash were over. As luck would have it, I found another one at the same thrift store a few days later. Luckily, I found them for you and the best part is they cost less than $6 each!

Click Here for Black & White Striped Waste Cans

If you don’t love the stripes, click here for the same waste can in other colors and patterns.

Love this graphic black and white planter filled with pink geraniums #planters #planter #geraniums #porch #vintagedecor

I have a planting secret! I bought these hanging baskets filled with geraniums and trailing vines, removed the hanging hook, then just plopped them into the planters! If you look at the top of the planters, you can see the coco liner from the hanging basket peeking out. I added a heavy rock on the bottom of each planter to weigh them down.

If you plan to put dirt and plants directly into your waste can, make sure to drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage.

Vintage Adirondack basket turned front door wreath with a pothos plant #planter #pothos #farmhousedecor #vintagedecor

My vintage Adirondack basket makes the cutest front door wreath with an easy care pothos plant cascading down the front.

Love this black and white planter with pink geraniums #planter #geraniums #porchdecor

I love the graphic black and white stripe on these garbage cans turned planters and am so happy I found them while thrifting.

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  1. What an awesome find and a great idea! I love the pop of pink against the stripes! I love how creative you are! 💗🌸

  2. Great idea and I love your porch ready for Spring and all dressed up. Sushi gave her approval, I guess, lol!

  3. I love the planters – the entire porch looks great with the color of the door and the house. The door mat is so you…. now we just have to be able to start entertaining again.

  4. Such a great idea! My thruft stores never have good stuff. (Curse of a small rural town.) But I can’t wait for yardsale season. Thanks for the inspo!

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