Extra! Extra! Chapter 7

It’s been awhile since I shared an Extra! Extra! post because life gets in the way! This is where I share the things I’ve been doing, loving, visiting, decorating, thrifting (I scored big time!), gifting (to myself!), and more! Plus it’s always exciting when a reader is so inspired by something I’ve done, that they recreate the look and I’m sharing it with you. 


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Sometimes a girl has got to treat herself and that is exactly what I did! I gifted myself this custom beaded brooch of my dog Sushi! I sent the artist a photo of my dog and she created this stunning, one of a kind brooch so I’ll always have Sushi close to me!

Am I becoming that crazy dog mom? Be the judge when you see the custom painting I had done of Sushi here.

Get a pin that looks exactly like your dog! How cute is this custom dog brooch kellyelko.com

I also treated myself to this adorable face vase and filled it with tulips! In fact, I love it so much that I ordered two more vases (it comes in lots of colors and sizes) and plan to use them on my patio when it warms up.

Love this fun head vase filled with red tulips kellyelko.com


You know I have a weakness for vintage landscape paintings and when I found this vintage still life, neglected on the thrift store floor, I had to rescue her. 

I love using art in unexpected places and it adds a nice pop of color to my kitchen … but don’t worry, I remove it when I (or shall I say my husband!) cook!

Love the still life painting above the red stove in this white farmhouse kitchen kellyelko.com

Tour My Kitchen Here 

I love the bold brush strokes!

Bold brushstrokes on this vintage still life painting kellyelko.com


Meet Moira! I took a poll on my Instagram stories asking what I should name my Philodendron and the overwhelming response was, predictably, Phil! But this behemoth beauty needed a name as unique as she is so Moira it shall be (you know what I’m talking about fellow Schitt’s Creek fans).

I wet my plants when I spotted Moira on Facebook Marketplace! She went from the sunroom to my dining room to my family room (where she was shoved in a corner but she screamed “nobody puts Moira in the corner”). She finally found her home in my living room where she’s living her best life.

Huge Philodendron! kellyelko.com


I’m loving the remake Around the World in 80 Days! David Tennant is brilliant in it and the sets and clothes (1872 during the Industrial Revolution) are stunning! Sundays on PBS.

The creation of Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes, The Gilded Age is set in New York City during an era when America’s economy boomed thanks to the advent of trans-continental railroads and the oil and steel industries. Peek inside mansions and choose sides in the battle of old money vs new. Who will win? Who knows, but the clothes and antique filled mansions make it worth watching. See it on Mondays on HBO.


It’s always fun when someone that reads my blog is inspired to recreate one of my projects! Here’s my hand painted mural in my dining room …

Can you believe that is a hand painted wall mural kellyelko.com

And here is Kelsey Bredow of Life in Iron Woods version!

She says, “I was inspired to paint wallpaper on my dining room walls after seeing Kelly’s dining room which was featured in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas 2020 magazine. She wrote a post at kellyelko.com how she achieved a Serena and Lily wallpaper hack for a fraction of the cost! My husband used chalk lines to help me get the pattern straight and square. I used a cardboard circle and a paint pen to get my look!”

DIY Hand Painted Serena & Lily Knockoff Wallpaper kellyelko.com

I give her a perfect 10 and think her version turned out amazingly!

Read My How to Paint a Repeating Wall Mural Tips Here


When you combine Valentine’s Day with vintage ornaments, you get this! 

Read this Simple Valentine Ideas post for more easy ideas.

Love this DIY ornament heart made from vintage Christmas ornaments kellyelko.com

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My email was acting up yesterday so my Eclectic Home Tour post didn’t go out until later in the day!

If you missed it, make sure to take this week’s Eclectic Home Tour of this charming 1920’s New Jersey home …

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  1. I love your Sushi pin, so pretty and the copy of your dining room wall was very good. That painting was gorgeous and looks great behind your stove.

  2. Thank you Kelly for giving me a 10 on my wallpaper hack! And featuring my dining room!
    Also I LOVE that still life over your stove` what a find! And last but so important Suchi’s brooch- so cute.

  3. OMGosh… I love your kitchen and the herringbone backsplash. We are in the throws of a kitchen remodel and I want that look!!
    Where o where did you find the Boston pin(is it a pin)?? Love love love Boston terriers.. We are down to one and he is almost 15… best dog ever, and I am ready for a puppy.. so it can learn from the ol’ guy…

  4. I love your hand-painted wall mural and we’ve been enjoying every minute of Around the World in 80 Days and The Gilded Age.

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