How to Display Christmas Decorations in Completely Different Ways Year after Year!

Hop into my magical sleigh and take a trip into the past to see how to display Christmas decorations in completely different ways year after year! I’m a big believer in using what you have and getting creative with decorating as well as saving money by not having to buy tons of new decorations every year! I am excited to show you that you don’t need to buy new Christmas decorations every year. By looking at your stuff in a new light, you can reuse what you already have and get a whole new look!

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DIY Gingerbread Houses

I made these adorable wood gingerbread houses last year and loved they way they looked lined up on my kitchen shelves.

how to display Christmas decorations in completely different ways year after year I love these DIY gingerbread house wood houses!

I had to display them again this year and the stairs are the perfect spot for them. I added a couple of vintage blow molds for pops of color.

How cute are these DIY wood Christmas houses that look like gingerbread houses. Love them on the stairs

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Feather Trees

For the last three years, I used the same feather trees and red pom pom stockings on my Christmas mantel but still managed to create unique looks every single year. I even used the same giant chalkboard for the past two years!

This years mantel features my feather trees dripping with vintage Shiny Brites framing the colorful ice skater art (that’s actually a page I ripped from a calendar and enlarged). The giant chalkboard creates the perfect backdrop.

Stunning Christmas mantel with whimsical ice skater art, feather trees with vintage Shiny Brites, pom pom stockings and retro deer

Look how the same basic elements take on a whole new look!

Three stockings hang in the same spot but this year, one of the feather trees moved down to the hearth,. Red cardinal ornaments replace vintage ones.

Love this vintage Christmas mantel with elf blow mold, metal letters and feather trees #christmas #christmashometour #christmastour #vintagechristmas #retrochristmas #colorfulchristmas #christmasmantel #farmhousechristmas

The chalkboard was smaller this year with a piece of wrapping paper used as art and I created a more symmetrical look with four stockings instead of three.

Feather trees on the hearth each get their own unique “tree skirt” including a vintage pedal car and an old basket.

Festive Christmas mantel - love the retro art, red stockings, feather trees and vintage pedal car

Santa Mugs

I can’t resist the rosy cheeks on vintage Santa mugs! I love displaying things under glass and this collection of new and old Santa mugs makes the perfect centerpiece on my kitchen table.

Cute way to display Santa mugs under glass

Last year, I simply hung the mugs from my bottle drying rack.

Collection of Santa mugs displayed in the kitchen

Santa Ornaments

These adorable little velvet Santa ornaments were the perfect addition to my kitchen Christmas tree last year.

Santa tree - love these vintage Santa ornaments covering this kitchen Christmas tree

This year, the Santas and a lone Mrs. Claus party in the snow in a big bowl on my kitchen counter.

Grouping the ornaments together has a bigger impact than if they were scattered throughout the house!

Love this bowl filled with vintage velvet Santa ornaments!

Ceramic Houses

One of my all time favorite DIY projects was creating these Ceramic Doodle Houses that glow in front of my Santa flying over a winter wonderland chalk art.

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Stunning farmhouse Christmas mantel with chalk art of Santa on his sleigh

Last year, the same houses turned into my Christmas centerpiece.

Beautiful Christmas table with ceramic Christmas house centerpiece

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Bottle Brush Trees

This year, I turned my collection of vintage loving cups into tree stands to create a forest of little bottle brush trees.

Vintage bottle brush trees displayed in old trophies

I also created a winter village with old Putz houses and a mixture of bottle brush, wood and ceramic trees.

Bottle brush trees and vintage Putz houses create a fun, colorful display for Christmas

Another year, I had fun putting trees on a tree! I tucked bottle brush trees and faux snowballs into the branches of a flocked Christmas trees for a whimsical look.

Love this Christmas tree covered in little bottle brush trees

Giving these little Santa bowls a mohawk with a trio of little trees was fun!

Santa hair! - love the bottle brush trees in these cute Santa bowls

Cardinal Ornaments

Once again, lots of one thing makes a HUGE impact and this flock of red cardinal ornaments is all this Christmas tree needed to make it festive!

Love the flock of red cardinal ornaments on this festive Christmas tree

Ornaments aren’t just for trees and this year, the flock moved onto my bannister garland and another year, I added some to a wreath.

Also notice my daughters old ice skates displayed in the lantern below. This year, the skates moved to my hearth, tucked into a bowl of faux snowballs.

Gorgeous Christmas garland on the bannister covered in red cardinal ornaments

Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

I loved the look of my “champagne bubble” Christmas trees a couple of years ago and think clear glass ornaments look amazing on their own.

Clear glass ornaments and twinkle lights cover these beautiful sparse Christmas trees

I displayed the same glass ornaments in a big dough bowl.

Love these Scandanavian looking wood Christmas trees

With 11 Christmas Home Tours on this blog under my belt, I have to get creative when it comes to decorating!

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It’s fun to reimagine what I have every year and I always seem to surprise myself!

I hope you got some ideas for reusing and repurposing what you already own.

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  1. You have a very creative mind to be able to do all you do. I am so glad for all this inspiration it helps and starts me thinking about some ways to use mine. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family.

  2. This is a great article! I have about 20 large storage bins in my garage. I haven’t even opened one this year. They all seem old, tired, used and reused. Maybe I can look at them differently now.

  3. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin because I feel like everything was my favorite! The way you decorate is just simply beautiful! Never any clutter so you can really focus on your items! I love the calendar print and the cardinals in your banister garland. Your home is beautiful Kelly!

  4. Your decorations are beautiful, but the best decoration of all was the Boston Terrier, the real star of the show.

      1. Dear Kelly’s Kids,
        Your mom is an inspiration and you are lucky to have her and such a beautiful home.
        Your mom’s fan LT

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