Crazy Plant Lady Sunroom

I’m so excited to finally have a space in my house dedicated to plants! I call it my “crazy plant lady sunroom” and it makes me happy! I filled it with some of my favorite houseplants and planters on and under an antique wallpaper pasting table. See how I created my very own jungle with interesting pots, baskets and fun little surprises.

Plant Lady Sunroom - love this light filled room with houseplants, baskets, planters and vintage finds #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko

I’ve always loved plants and had tons in my first house (I even had a branch ladder over my kitchen island filled with hanging plants) but when we moved out of state, I sadly had to part with them and gave them to friends and family. Because I knew our move was temporary, I never filled my second house with plants and then I think I just got out of the plant groove. That all changed a few years ago, when I began to slowly add plants into my house because not only are they beautiful, but they help purify the air.

Love this houseplant display in this light and bright sunroom #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko

I decided that I want to only surround myself with things I love and use my spaces to better fit my needs so I did some furniture rearranging. Gone is the rattan daybed that used to reside here (I’ll share it’s new location soon) and in it’s place went all of these glorious plants!

My old wallpaper pasting table is a favorite of mine and I decided it was a shame to let it languish in my basement so out it came too. I paid $90 for it but have seen them selling for up to $2300!

I feel like any time I have the chance to decorate with something so unique and non-cookie cutter, it’s always a good thing. I encourage you to be on the hunt for one of a kind pieces for your home because every space needs something vintage that has soul and a story to tell.

I love searching Facebook Marketplace for vintage stuff and you can read my Facebook Buy and Sell Tips here.

How cute is this little bathing suit planter and the succulent that looks like hair #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko #succulent

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I love all of the texture from the different baskets and I threw in some colorful planters too. I found the bathing suit planter at a little shop while vacationing down the shore and the plant lady planter here.

Calling all plant ladys! #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko #succulents

Did I mention I’m a 70’s music freak and this disco ball channels my inner Diana Ross and creates quite the light show when the sun catches it just right.

Shop the Look 

Beautiful houseplant display including a lemon cypress #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko #lemoncypress #topiary #discoball

I love adding “filler” on top of the soil like these pieces of coral. This also helps maintain moisture in the soil. (Random fact: did you know 20% of the population hates the word moist)!

Beautiful sunroom filled with a variety of sun loving plants #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko

The sunroom is so welcoming now and I love that the plants can be seen by everyone walking by my house. They also create some privacy to my curtain-less windows.

I considered adding a few hanging planters but realize that I don’t want to have to deal with taking them down to water them (I like giving my plants a good soak in the kitchen sink). I may change my mind; we shall see.

Love this cheerful sunroom filled with houseplants #plants #houseplants #sunroom #jungalow #jungalowstyle #bohostyle #bohodecor #interiordesign #planters #vintagedecor #plantlady #eclecticdecor #kellyelko

I’ll have to clean up the rest of the sunroom so I can give you a proper tour but right now the desks are piled high with random stuff because contrary to popular belief, bloggers have clutter too!

I will be back soon with a post all about my favorite houseplants. In the meantime, I encourage you to add a plant or two to your house because they really do spark major joy!

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  1. I absolutely love this addition, Kelly!! I have a lot of plants as well. During my last move, a close friend was unavailable to help until the very end if the day after we’d all headed over to unload at the new place (leaving my houseplants behind for a separate load). When Kim asked what she could do to help, I said that going back to get my plants would be awesome! …She said that when she walked into the room where I’d gathered them all for easy pick-up, she had had NO idea that I owned so many!! Neither had I actually! Ha! I think all of your plants together like this have a super, vintage-boho impact❤ And seeing your vintage wallpaper table made me change my mind about selling my wooden antique ironing board that I just moved into the garage yesterday. Instead, I’ll tuck it away for now until I find a place for a group display like yours!

  2. Kelly, I am trying to do the same thing in my bay window. What are your tall plants on either side? I need some height. Tips on where to buy such plants? Also I have remnants of a shefflera that is at least 30 yrs old—two long branches in a pot. Is there any hope to make this thing have more branches? It seems impossible to break one off and call that progress. Welcome your tips. I love your “plant vignette”!

    1. Jeanne – I’m putting together a post about my favorite plants and will share lots of info! The plant on the left is a fiddle leaf fig and the right is a palm (it’s fake)! Your shefflera sounds like maybe it would benefit from repotting. Check for root rot, remove damaged roots, and repot. Try not to over or under water and keep in location where it gets light but not direct.

      1. Thanks Kelly, I look forward to your post and pls include where to get a nice fake palm! I will have to figure out the repotting of the shefflera. When I thrift I am now looking for little stools that when collected vary in height for my plants tin ait on, and I have a little red bench. This is the start of my little plant area that I hope to expand. Plants were soooo 70’s. I am so glad they are back. But they were never out in my opinion. They add so much to a room and nature is never out of style!

  3. I was wondering what happened to that table! I loved it the very first time you put it on the blog. This looks awesome! It has such an interesting, curated look. And the plants make your environment healthier! You can’t beat that!

  4. Wow, all you need is a book to curl up with! What an amazing space, and did you say it’s also your workspace? Ok, color me green as I would love a workspace that includes plants. I do encroach upon the spaces in my dining room and library. Big south facing windows with registers under them. The plants, that I haul in off the patio love these rooms. But, alas many of my plants look like they’ve been temporarily stuck there. I’ll have to draw some inspiration from you and work on that…after taxes. Again, I love your posts draw much inspiration from them and the more than occassional chuckle.

  5. Oh how I’d love to have a sunroom that I could stuff with plants!! As it is, I have plants everywhere in my home…fortunately with a chalet style home, my main living area is on the second floor so it gets sooooo much sunshine, plus I have skylights so that helps too! I adore plants, they do so much to add the ultimate coziness to a home! I need a disco ball….I’ve been looking for one, but haven’t found just the right one yet.

  6. Love all of the plants, they really look great! Sadly, I have a black thumb, those beauties would never survive in my house!

  7. Ha Ha, i have been given that “Crazy Plant Lady” title more than once too! I work in an office and like to add as many plants as will allow as they seem to give the space a little more ambience, plus they are good for the environment! I also love to use the most unusual items to set the pots in to give it some personality!

  8. I love your plants and that sun room is a great place for them. I have three ferns, an ivy and aloe plants, but, i need more,lol! Have a great day.

  9. This may be one of my favorite posts! I absolutely love what you have done in this room. I love antique pieces too and that table sure is great!

  10. I love plants too, but maybe I’m just lazy but how do you keep water off your floor and your table. I could take the smaller ones to the sink, but the bigger ones–no way. I always spill and make a mess.

    1. I water all these plants in the sink. The fiddle leaf fig isn’t heavy and I only water it every two weeks so it’s not a problem. The palm is actually fake so I don’t have to deal with that!

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