Color Lovers – My Colorful Living Room Makeover!

Somewhere over the rainbow ... you'll find my colorful living room makeover! Last month, I showed you my Color Lovers Design Plan for this space and I've been working feverishly to turn my dream into reality. Raise your hand if you love color? I've teamed up with nine other Color Lovers and each of us made over one room in our homes. I link to all of them at the end of this post - I'm also sharing all source info … Continue Reading

Camoflauging TV with a Gallery Wall

I've been staring at this black hole of a TV for years and have always wanted to create a gallery wall so the TV would no longer be the focal point. Indecision crippled me for a long time until I finally narrowed my choices down to these four types of gallery walls. The decision has been made and I know the suspense is killing you. Drumroll please ... I LOVE IT!! Sorry for shouting but I can't stop staring at … Continue Reading