Endless Summer Hydrangea Hedge & a Giveaway!

If you're looking for me this summer, you'll probably find me on my patio. July is prime blooming season and I love being surrounded by a sea of gorgeous hydrangeas.   Kelly and hydrangeas go together like peas and carrots so partnering with Endless Summer® Hydrangeas is a no brainer for me. Gardening involves lots of trail and error so I'm passing on some of my tips so you can have more success in your … Continue Reading

Meural – 30,000 Pieces of Art in One Canvas!

How would you like to hang one frame but be able to switch out the art with a wave of your hand or a swipe on your smart phone? I’ve teamed up with Meural - a cool new digital framed canvas that combines art and technology and the best part is you have access to 30k pieces of art all within one frame! It's gesture controlled – simply wave your hand left or right to change the art. Swipe up and learn all about the … Continue Reading