Endless Summer Hydrangeas – The Reblooming Hydrangea

To know me is to know I love hydrangeas. But for the last few years, my hydrangeas have not bloomed because the first year my husband let a "landscaper" prune my hydrangeas (I actually cried) at the wrong time of year and the other years spring frosts killed the buds. So every year, I cross my fingers and promise the universe that I'll be a (relatively) good girl if my hydrangeas finally bloom.  So far, my pleas have … Continue Reading

Blue is a Neutral – New Blue Sofa

I'm shouting it from the rooftops ... I'M IN LOVE! We enjoy lounging by the fire with a glass of wine and a good book. I love his witty personality and his sparkling blue eyes. He gets my humor and laughs at my lame jokes. Meet Sven, my gorgeous new blue velvet sofa. He completes me. He's stolen my heart so I had to have the awkward break up conversation with my 20 year old camelback sofa that had seen much … Continue Reading